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  1. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Literally anyone can spot our flaws. Our coaching does nothing to mask the flaws or take advantage of what talent we have. Yes, we won but it was genuinely brutal to watch. I love GT and the kids fight like hell, but seeing the same plays beat us in the red zone and the same play calls on...
  2. How to watch today??

  3. LOS

    He needs a sit down with Ralph. Geoff has ties..... should be easy to set up
  4. Fire Geoff Collins

    Kids these days are different. I’m on the very old side of being a millennial, and my own kids frustrate me. All kids these days are entitled and fragile. They want and expect things without earning anything. They cry about being told “no”. I’m 100% in favor of some tough love. I never had a...
  5. #PittvsGT Postgame

    Offensive line woes set the tone very early in this game. We need to grow up or hit the portal hard at these positions. Key is not earning his paycheck and Patenude’s lack of consistency and dreadful red zone play calling is haunting. We had no answers on defense. This is still a young team but...
  6. Duke Game

    Tell me more about these satellite lots and buses. I remember last time I went it was a long walk from on-campus parking and my little ones complained about tired legs the whole way.
  7. PFF Grades Through UNC Game

    Impressive, but if he keeps playing this way he’s going to have to pay for grad school out of his guaranteed millions from an NFL contract.
  8. Game 5 #PITTvsGT Media

    Don't disagree Not true They will be ready for it after we tore up UNC with it. We better be able to hit the short - intermediate passes.
  9. Duke Game

    This is correct. There is free parking on campus but it's a hike to the stadium, but it's a really nice campus to walk through. I plan on going to the game with my family and will just get GA tickets. It looks like they are about $12 on stubhub right now and will only go down in price.
  10. 2021 ACC and Competition News

    Great question. His bio suggests he’s an East Coast guy. His teams are well disciplined and he seems like a no BS type of guy. There are two schools in FL that could benefit from that style of play. USC is always looking for flash but I’d love to see what he could do with that type of talent as...
  11. 2021 ACC and Competition News

    Wake Forest looks solid. I’m really curious why some schools haven’t opened the checkbook for Clawson.
  12. Help with above the line chart

    The DE and DL line rooms are extremely young. Hopefully AC isn’t hurt. Glad to see big Zeek making a name for himself.
  13. Dontae Smith should be our Robert Godhigh and Charlie Rogers

    There's no doubt the kid is a baller, but Gibbs and Mason have both been pretty good running the ball and blocking. He definitely needs more touches though. In order to do so, our offense and defense both need to perform better.
  14. Sims Injury?

    As long as he protects the ball, moves the chains, and puts the ball in the end zone I’m good with it. This gives Sims time to heal up and Yates gets more live snaps.
  15. Fire Geoff Collins

    This has in fact been proven false many times. Has Collins shown us a glimmer of hope that he will turn GT around to the point they are obliterating SEC teams? Absolutely not.