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    2021 season tix

    Sounds like you did great. I'd like to know your surgeon. Just about everyone I know wasn't doing much but PT for weeks.
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    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    I'm 64. I caught it after Christmas. When symptoms first came on I thought it was another head cold that I get every year and which I had back to back months last February and March. This event, fever got well into 101's for about 36 hours. Extreme fatigue for two weeks. No other symptoms. No...
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    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    I was told in April after possibly being exposed at work that it takes 7-10 days after possible exposure for it to show up in a test.
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    2021 season tix

    I likewise started sitting in the Upper East from the West two years ago and prefer the UE. It's also closer to where my wife drops me off east of 75/85 due to my ailing knees.
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    The Swarm BEER Thread

    Overall, there is no better beer than Weihenstephaner's Original, IMO. When the Octoberfests come around I'm drinking Hacker Schorr and Spaten. Here in the winter I drink Second Self's (GT) Mole Porter. For lagers Stella Artois can't be beat. I also like Sam Smith's Organic Lager. I'm done...
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    Jahaziel Lee in the Transfer Portal ??

    Just spitballing here...are there any bag men in Utah?
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    Life Advice for a soon to be 30 yr old

    You've received alot of great information here but the bottom line is that you, your mother, and your finacee all need counseling. There are alot of dependencies/codependencies that have formed over the years that need untangling. None of you can move forward properly in your lives with all of...
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    1970 Tech Football

    Thanks. Dave came back to coach us in HS in ‘73.
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    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    I like this... a lot.
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    1970 Tech Football

    Was Dave Beavin a senior in 1970?
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    1970 Tech Football

    I was there selling cokes but I was too young to understand how hot it was.
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    any of you dealing with the new Bermuda Triangle?

    Yes I returned a set of golf clubs to Callaway Preowned Golf that they operate out of Austin 10 days before Xmas via UPS. Still haven’t showed up. Normally it’s about 5 days.
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    Has the ACC fallen to the bottom of the Power 5?

    Whose recruiting rankings are you using there?