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    Pitt Postgame

    Top 30 recruiting, you then need to keep them in school, and then you have to out coach.... I’m not seeing the out coach yet. I do like what I see on defense....
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    Has Georgia Tech Football entered the Bill Lewis Era part II?

    @InsideLB good use of sarcasm! Believe it or not, I like the defense a lot better than Roof's even if the ranking is about the same. The special teams appears better than last year as well. The offense is just hard to watch most of the year because it looks like a circus. I will yield that the...
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    If you are asking WHY

    @AlabamaBuzz I agree but yet disagree just little bit... He coached at GSU and did very well. These were not Navy kids. I remember him talking about how GSU kids were always around and watching film were GT had kids in study hall....
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    I just looked at some data

    So, I decided to look at Virginia’s 2010 coaching change. Mike London took over and recruited top 25 classes until 2013, top 30 2014, and then a 50th rank in 2015. Recruiting will only be part of the equation. Does anyone know why he failed with outstanding recruiting?
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    If you are asking WHY

    This post says a million words Anyone care to post ACC spending ranking by year since 2008? I think the spending is going on in the right direction... but is it enough to compete?
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    Duke Vs Ga Tech Recruiting since 2015

    Duke started spending more money on recruiting... GT fell behind in spending...
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    A Message our Players (Reposted from the other site.)

    I really like @33jacket s posts. I see improvement in the team, but I am not sure GT wins another game this year. One thing I wish CPJ would have done is brought in a whole new defense coaching team... perhaps it was all about money. I don’t have all the data but I do have some data. Better...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    @Ibeeballin you got me... I have no data that the majority of the best 4 and 5 star athletes can and want to do and are prepared to graduate from GT. I’m not sure why I even think that... the only reason these highly talented people are not choosing GT is that high school offense or perhaps CPJ...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    @Lee Year 6 was the end? Year 7 was 11 and 3 beating Clemson and uga Year 9 was 9 and 4 beating uga 11-21 including uga and Clemson. Who is beating these two teams lately? CPJ is suppose to beat uga and Clemson with last in the ACC budget? So I can expect GT to beat uga and Clemson more than...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    @TheFlyest Don't get me wrong. I agree with you 100% that players in general will prefer to play a NFL or more traditional offense. I have no doubt that Oliver would have picked Georgia, Clemson, and or Alabama over GT if he had the offer (no matter the offense). The question is will GT get the...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    4 points and GT would be in the discussion. This is not a vacuum... its more than a coach. It's also the school, dollars, and AD. There is a reason that it seems most of the flashy players leave GT... and it was not because of the option, but the classroom. You are telling me those Miami top...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    @MWBATL only time will tell on recruiting. I have no doubt that it will uptick due to change in offense, but GT is not easy to recruit and harder to keep athletes on track for a degree. I'm sure everyone will be on the bad wagon whenever the winning starts.
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    Has fan apathy already set in?

    I think most of it has been “said”, the kool aid drinkers hit reality, the pro CPJers had their case in point, the anti CPJers have nothing but their hate left ... now it is what it is... But, I saw an offense with some identity (no matter the players size or height or ability). The OC still...
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    2021 and 2022 opponents added

    GT played Tenn and Vandy recently... But not AUB.
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    2021 and 2022 opponents added

    So you are saying everyone will want to play GT now? Hmmm... could be one or two reasons.