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  1. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Looks like something Collins would wear.
  2. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    Collins has reminded me way too much of Jim Mora Jr since day 1. I remember citadel game we got multiple unsportsmanlikes on the same drive and he was just butt patting and and shoulder patting.
  3. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    First problem playing two LBs at safety.
  4. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    “Geoff Collins electrician”
  5. ACC Media Days

    “It's 1 guy. He's not representative of the rest of the big $$ donors. There are people on this board that know how much money was available.” I remember that article having multiple big donor quotes so it wasn’t just Garrett.
  6. Clemson Game Sold Out

    Eh, truth hurts. We are obviously trying to minimize the orange.
  7. Clemson Game Sold Out

    Oh I'm fine with 42. If it was larger it'd just be more orange anyway.
  8. Clemson Game Sold Out

    So it’s only gonna be the 42,500 setup for sure?
  9. 2022 MLB Draft

    I guess next year he can play the we’re young card since he didn’t have any great excuses this year.
  10. Unheralded

    Okogie for sure. He was basically Tech or Kansas state for bigger offers.
  11. Summer League thread

    The lost art of the stolen base.
  12. Nice review of our current offensive line

    What’s your left to right lineup?
  13. Sleepers who will rise up this season

    DJ and blackstrain looked like a promising duo. 🤟
  14. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Is Ezzard coming back after all?