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    Jose and Moses Post Draft

    Ignorant question here but I only ask because I dont know... Were Jose and Moses expecting to be drafted? In retrospect, would it have benefited either of them to have returned for 1 more year? I initially felt like their age was a hindrance but hell, Duarte was a lotto pick at 24 yrs old.
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    Learning from mistakes, Georgia Tech’s Jeff Sims ‘going to be great’

    Dang. I boycotted the Dwag Paper 15 years ago. But I'm tempted to swallow the 99 cents to read this one. Is it worth giving my hard-earned 99 cents to the Atlanta Dwag Constitution?
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    2021 Atlanta Braves

    Going to have to wait and see on this one. Hopefully it's a similar injury as Giannis suffered in the NBA EC Finals against the Hawks. They thought it was worse than it was and turned out to be hyperextended knee. But, given how 2021 has gone for the Braves, it's probably an ACL. Hope not...
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    Demaryius Thomas Retiring from NFL

    Thomas holds a special place in my heart. Man, those early CPJ offenses were super fun to watch! DT has been a great ambassador of GT. And he overcame so much to get where he is. What a GREAT career and a great story! Hope to see him involved w the program in the future. Any chance he sniffs...
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    Grandma Talent

    Absolutely. I think people are forgetting how dang good our o-line was in that 14-15 Orange Bowl Team, specifically in regards to JT. Shaq was a massive piece of all that and it was desd apparent what he meant to that entire offense the next year when he was gone. I mean, he was starting...
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    Antwan Owens Enters the Transfer Portal

    Yep beat me to it. I think he os the teams backup QB, but inciukd be wrong. I know he plays but not sure he starts. I think it's more about showcasing individual players than winning games to be fair, but given the little I saw him play, I'd be very surprised to see Lee on any NFL roster.
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    Jerry Howard transferring out

    You do realize theres much more to it than simply, "roster turnover," correct?
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    Spring Training 2021

    Agreed. Fear is a powerful thing, obviously.
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    Spring Game

    Given the stats I've seen this week, the country of origin is China, but the daily new infections are steadily decreasing each day. Given China's historically poor responses to humanitarian issues, I think it's reasonable to conclude the spread is clearly slowing in a country w a poor overall...
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    Spring Practice Thread

    Patenaude said in an interview after one of the practices Quinney was up to 305 lbs from 265 this time last year. Thats.... insane. Our OLine should be much improved.
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    Submitted a signed letter of intent!

    Holy heck they pulled it out. What a job by CGC, TC and the rest of the staff! GREAT WORK LANDING GIBBS! Winning this one start to finish is a major coup for the GT program. This class could really propel us forward. DANG IT WE HAVE A LOADED BACK FIELD! (Pardon my enthusiasm, it feels like...
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    Scale baby Scale

    Marketing is absolutely essential to contemporary college football. Of course, you have to have coaches that coach well and good players. I mean, duh? But that doesnt mean marketing doesnt serve a very important function. To make a statement like "marketing has nothing to do with any of this,"...
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    Quarterback for next year

    I have no clue as to how the QB situation will shale out. I know little about Gleason other than what I've seen on the recruiting sites. But after watching Sims in the UA AA game.... Man! Going to be hard to keep this kid off the field...
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    Reflections on the National Championship Game

    The committee will be determined to have 2 SEC schools. They cant go two seasons in row without 2 SEC schools! They're not going to let THAT happen again! I don't believe in Malzahn. Never have. The Auburn squad that got to the NC in his first season as HC was perhaps one of the luckiest teams...