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    #UWiscy (not our kind) coming to town Wed 9:15 EST tip

    Thanks for sharing! We are looking forward to a good game.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    No thanks, we are in this position because of the triple option.
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    Charleston Southern, 7 PM, ACC Network (and McCamish!)

    Good overall game, especially when you consider we were missing Devoe. Impressive that Ush and smith were sick and Ush scored an ATH with the flu! I’m still not sure how we are going to do in the ACC with our defense and big men. But it is encouraging to watch Howard improve and Saba getting...
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    Back at it fellas! YELLOW!!!!
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    Gameday !!!!!!!

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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Yeah, screw you guys. Zero patience, we have to allow this thing to grow. Guy has recruited his tail off and we are seeing progress.
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    Jordan Yates

    I’m happy with what we are seeing from Yates. Sims may be the better QB prospect. He just does not make better decisions. Turnovers will lose us games. I think our defense is improved this year and will keep us in games, as long as we don’t have turnovers. I want smart QB play. As of right now...
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    Keys to stay competitive in game vs Clemson

    We have to cash in on the money downs! 😀💵
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    Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    We will win every game! Because, we just will.
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    Let’s go!!! Correct the mistakes and blow these guys out.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Not a chance. We are in this mess, because we went to the triple option years ago. That page needs to forever be turned. Plus we are going to have to suck it up and just chill out. Geoff is the coach there is no money to do anything. Take a deep breath everyone and just buckle up for the long haul.
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    Fan Day

    Can you guys give us updates?
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    Walker Kessler leaving UNC?

    Are our coaches following him on Twitter?
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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    That’s my thought as well.