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  1. 2021 ACC Champion Apparel Thread

    They had them at at least one of the apparel stands, my wife and I each got one. They were marked up about $10 more than the price I'm seeing online though so almost wish I hadn't seen them
  2. Jose F. Alvarado Senior Thread
  3. Headed to Greensboro

    Bought two tickets this morning after I heard the news. Happy to get to watch a game in person, especially a championship game
  4. FSU @ GT 1/30/2021

    Jose is clearly the engine that carries the team. We will be in every game this year because of him. We can beat nearly any team in the league when Moses and Devoe are on as well
  5. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    Just saying "Trading being halted" isn't fair to what Robinhood did though. They halted buying only but allowed people to sell. Which resulted in prices only being able to go down. And that's why people are mad at them.
  6. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    Robinhood specifically prevented people from buying ~10 stocks on their platform. They did allow you to sell though. Which is important because Robinhood is where the majority of the people buying those 10 stocks did it. By only allowing people to sell, the price can only go down. Which...
  7. #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Here's a similar play that happened a few years ago in the NFL that was described as a "brilliant play" (first two plays in this video). The only mistake was he didn't have his foot down out of bounds first.
  8. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    50% off, only $60 right now
  9. ACC Predictions 2019-20

    With us finishing 5th in the ACC, thought this would be an interesting thread to revisit
  10. Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    Great time at the game tonight, hopefully I can convince my wife we need to take my daughter to every game now since she seems to be the good luck charm we needed.
  11. Ticket exchange

    Received two, thanks to everyone that reached out.
  12. Ticket exchange

    Thinking about taking my daughter to her first Tech game tonight. I'm assuming kids under 1 get in free? She's 4 months so will be sitting in one of our laps. Looking for two tickets if anyone has any available. Thanks!
  13. Georgia Postgame

    We won the second quarter
  14. Tesla's New Smart Summons

    Sure, there seems to be some issues with this summons feature. But the number of accidents caused by self driving cars is way less than the number caused by human drivers. The future is fully automated self driving cars for everyone.