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  1. CPJ needs to be fired

    Kiffen is a good coach but toxic, GT has no chance on Frost, Strong underperforms with good talent and Briles has a horrible reputation, if GT could land Frost that would be great but not happening
  2. CPJ needs to be fired

    Agreed on satterfield, his players love him and App St. always competes with a lackluster budget
  3. CPJ needs to be fired

    There is one coach I would take over PJ, Matt Canada. He's younger, experienced and has proven himself as an offensive genius. I think PJ will call it quits soon, he's very frustrated with GT and I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves and starts over at another school. I love the option but the...
  4. Chick-fil-A Kickoff Postgame Discussion

    I don't post here much, but I've been following the team very closely since 2012, and I figured I should share my thoughts. Personally, I don't think the loss hurts us that much, and as far as motivating the team goes it might actually help. We deserved to lose, we made too many mistakes when...
  5. Russell Contract?

    I think one of the main differences between Russell and the bigger companies is how well the jerseys actually fit. My high school wore Russell for my first 3 years but switched to UA my senior year, and I can tell you first hand that UA is 100 times better not just in terms of look and style but...