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  1. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    This was leas about being a head coach and more about the things we have already seen him performing well at.
  2. Tech Getting Some Late Kick Love

    They don't have any emotional currency in the game. if it works they get say they told you so if it doesn't eh on to the next thing.
  3. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    That is a valid point, it really becomes if its about money or challenge. But GM's typically make 3 mil a year average. Assistants can make well whatever an owner wants to pay them.
  4. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    When it comes to free agents there is a LOT of recruiting that goes on unless you are one of three or for teams. There is a reason that wasn't money for why Brady went to Tampa. Guys lookign to stay in the league? That's all money, courting the better players. That becomes recruiting. I am...
  5. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    There have been plenty of players GM's in the NFL. As long as everyone understands their playing the same game I don't think this is as big of a problem.
  6. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    I know clickbaity title but wait for it, I've been doing a decent amount of thinking on this and I honestly think that our most likely competition for Collins's talent if and when he turns things around here (if his methods work I see us having a majorly hard time holding onto him) Isn't...
  7. Spring football exhibition games

    This was back when PITT won most of their NC's.
  8. 2021 Season Tickets

    It was until we updated our towers.
  9. 2021 Season Tickets

    I fixed this whenever I sat up there by just havign my phone running espn for replay.
  10. Jalen Hurts @GT

  11. Jalen Hurts @GT

    He was likely considerign it, but hard to turn down Oklahoma and a chance to contend.
  12. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    That tempo **** he was pulling with AAC refs isn't going to fly in Saban's SEC.
  13. Your First GT QB

    It's probably because most of the people who were watching goose started on Joe Ham (or earlier) and this thread is about the first GT QB you saw. Goose very much was a great QB
  14. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    It is possible he could not get into our business school (we've had this problem in the past, perfectly qualified people but not enough slots) and is likely going to play at Mid Tenn and go to their MBA program while being with his daughter.
  15. GT Ranked 48th in Preseason SP+ Projections

    Low effort post not really above the line.