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    NC State Postgame

    Thank god Harvin can flip the field for us. Don’t want to think about what our field position would have looked like this year with a bad punter.
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    Virginia Postgame

    We tackle better, that’s for sure. I think our pass rush is weaker than it has been in several years. Lots of young, under-sized guys up front. Those two things might account for why we look better but statistically are the same.
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    Miami Postgame #GTvsMIA

    Exactly. Our offense wore them out in the second half. Hope to see them continue to improve and turn some of those possessions into scores. What a run by Griffin on one of those death marches. Shame he stepped out.
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    Miami Postgame #GTvsMIA

    Haha, I’m not going to be picky!
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    Have you seen Wesley Wells in a game lately?

    Glad to hear it. Hope he works his way back.
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    I just looked at some data

    Thanks for this perspective. I was going to ask if those high ranked classes were due to skill players or linemen, but you answered my question.
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    Duke Postgame: GT loses 41-23

    Yep. 4th down conversions and hidden yards on special teams killed us.
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    Production from last year

    I got a C in stats at GT.
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    Production from last year

    You have maybe already linked to this, but look who is #119 on this list for overall returning production:
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    Film Study OFF scheme vs. Temple

    Right. Coordinators giving the X’s and O’s. Head coach selling the program, building culture, etc etc. Just a different setup than when your HC is dual hatting as OC.
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    Film Room In (most of) it's Glory

    You are a saint.
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    Film Study OFF scheme vs. Temple

    I’ve not heard him speak poorly about a player yet. What I do notice is for some, he praises their ability. For others, he only praises character and work ethic.
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    Film Study OFF scheme vs. Temple

    He took a handful last night. From what I remember, he only takes questions at the live shows, which there are only a few of those now. I think we started doing the pre-recorded stuff a couple of years ago.
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    Film Study OFF scheme vs. Temple

    Based mostly on his performance against Temple and partly on CGC’s comments on GT60 last night, I think Graham gets the start against UNC Saturday. He may have started against Temple if he hadn’t been hurt for the Citadel game. That was an untimely injury.
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    Legitimate observation/question

    Right. Do we have PTSD because we’ve known exactly what we were on offense the last 11 years, for better or for worse?