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  1. Syracuse @ Georgia Tech, Saturday February 27th @ 12pm

    Devoe, Usher, Alvarado, and Moore...EACH with SIX assists!
  2. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    Not last minute, but in 2019, Virginia Tech banked in a three to take the lead and that was the last basket scored that evening.
  3. UVA @ GT, 7pm ET, ACCNX

    Coverage of this game is horrible. First, they had the camera on Clark on the bench and missed Parham's three. Then they miss a Parham free throw. That split screen with commercials during play is BS and the announcers fail to say who fouls are on. I'll stop for now.
  4. 🤞Clemson at Georgia Tech Jan 20 2021, 7 PM 🤞

    If I had asked you how we did and you said, 'well, let's just say Clemson shot 52.1% from the field and 9-18 for 50% on threes, had 6 steals, had 10 more rebounds than we did, and shot 85.7% on their free throws', I'd be rolling my eyes and telling you don't bother telling me how bad we got...
  5. 1970 Tech Football

    After I wrote that, I figured folks would think I meant he played bad. I didn't hear his number called often and he was the one a kid was listening for! UT had a lot more players and the game just didn't compare to all the ones before it. I'd love to look at defensive stats, but as you know...
  6. 1970 Tech Football

    If those three got tired they had plenty of help! You probably know better than me, but it seems like they cut down roster limits a year or two later.
  7. 1970 Tech Football

    My first of about 250 games was during this season against Tennessee. I was looking forward to watching Brent Cunningham follow his 200+ yard game against Clemson. Sadly, he was injured and done on the opening kickoff and I never saw him play. Tennessee future College Hall of Famer Chip Kell...
  8. Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Wednesday 7pm

    Nate Laszewski has burned everybody on 3 pointers, including 4-7 against Virginia and 7-11 against North Carolina. A 59% average on 3 pointers and 66% overall. Prentiss Hubb killed us in the 2nd half in Atlanta last year sprinting to the basket and taking passes for layups. Dane Goodwin scored...
  9. Miami game cancelled

    That was the same Notre Dame team that lost to USC 20-3 and then Georgia weaseled into playing them in the Sugar Bowl. This after Georgia's season of playing opponents with a combined record of 44-66-1. If I recall, Notre Dame lost a kickoff in the lights of the Superdome and Georgia fell on...
  10. Jordan Meka Out for the Year

    Pastner said Maxwell participated in a 3 on 3 yesterday. He is way out of shape and will need two weeks to get ready.
  11. GT vs. Georgia St.

    I appreciate the effort!
  12. GT vs. Georgia St.

    LargeFO, why do I get the impression I'll pay for something on my PC only to find out I need something else for it to work? Media coverage is one area I think Tech should straighten out for their fans. I'm sure somebody will say 'that's not their job' but this guessing game is a joke. Thanks...
  13. GT vs. Georgia St.

    Can somebody give suggestions of what I need to purchase to watch the game tonight? As my season tickets are canceled for 20-21, this is the first year I've missed all games since 1966. I'm out in Gwinnett and have no TV. There is Xfinity cable on my desktop that allowed me to see a few away...
  14. GT-Pitt Postponed

    Right.....but we both know when you open the door to more games and more any sport....they never go back. I have no interest in seeing a two loss Big Ten team voted 8th in a playoff. I'm one that thinks the regular season schedule should be constructed so that the record matters. I...
  15. MCCamish seating for this season

    Instead of the 'perks' I'd prefer to be given a link to an easy to use and free streaming of all our games on the internet.