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  1. What area needs to be improved the most

    We had a walk on center named bradford who was all acc
  2. What area needs to be improved the most

    This is a tremendous thread, and it is one of the all time ones!
  3. What area needs to be improved the most

    Great having you opening up on your fb history! And also knowing Augusta buzz was on the same track!
  4. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    I know this goes back a bit, but what I think is about the spring game! 3 decades ago I use to attend the games, and they were like real games. This past game was on tv. But what I saw was like a train wreck as collins went on the field to the players telling them something. I watched abot 3...
  5. PERSPECTIVE; ATL, 404, etc.

    Yes that is correct!!
  6. PERSPECTIVE; ATL, 404, etc.

    What cost us soo much was dave brainless and that woman in the athletic academics ! they really set us back until Paul came in with that triple option that a lot of coaches didn't know how to defend! Then bud foster figured it out and told other teams coaches how to!
  7. 2021 Atlanta Braves

    Hope no more ozuna!
  8. O Line Starters

    Great post reply!!
  9. 2021 Atlanta Braves

    Alex really did a great job getting these newbys! I don't even think about Acuna! When we get Arnado back the line up will be the best that I can remember!! The pitching staff is doing very good also! And Buzz out shortstop and 3rd baseman are great though art!!!
  10. A real Debate ( sorry don't make this about CPJ vs CGC )

    call bobinski and ask him!
  11. QB Transfer from Temple

    How about our own Marco Coleman played 8 man football in hi school!!!
  12. 2021 Atlanta Braves

    What's going on? something with us again!
  13. Returning players for 2021-22

    I agree fully!