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  1. Acc releasing schedule today

    Personally have a feeling that UVA may see the largest drop between seasons. Their QB play will be crucial but I could see them being like Syracuse this past season.

    He doesn’t look fluid to me. It may be how he bulked up this offseason but he never looked good getting sideline to sideline.
  3. Where has this version of James Graham been all year?

    On the 2nd fumble, the other camera angle shows he never really had control after the mesh. Just a sloppy play.
  4. Geoff Collins - Head Coaching Numbers

    Consider all the struggles the team has had this year and then look at how we competed with the other ACC teams. We have the most room for improvement and in my mind be making the largest strides year over year. Recruiting has ticked up; the pieces sitting on the sideline because they didn't get...
  5. 3 keys to beating Pitt

    I will be surprised if they just try to lean on us. They have been having trouble all year and they are passing the ball more than in years past. We ran the ball better against Miami than Pitt did. Never know what team you will get but we should be rested and our OL was effective against Miami.
  6. Film Room Duke and Miami

    For all the miami fans saying they got hosed on the last call. Watch the replay. The spot was decent. Ball is over his left foot which left a mark on the field. Harsh mark below shows it being on the 4 yard line. I am one that thought he made movement backwards to square up the defender...
  7. Expectations on this year and next

    This! Until you see what is coming back on those teams or who is replacing who I don't see how you can tell what kind of team they will be. Honestly, the biggest change from this year till next will be GT. I expect us to look like a completely different team.
  8. JP MASON!!!!

    He’s got a great side step. Has made multiple tacklers miss in the open field. Good acceleration and good top end speed. That 4th down conversation showed me something. Laid it all out to the 1st down.
  9. Miami Postgame #GTvsMIA

    They called forward progress. Elbow was down more around the 5. The thing with the camera angle is that you don’t know which hand he had it in and being behind him it makes him look further forward. It equaled out the horrible PI call that would have required them to kick a FG in the 1st qtr...
  10. Apples and Oranges

    This is very true! But it goes down both aisles. There are people who want to overlook issues. I just think with the cultural change going on we would need to grade him on each element of coaching and running a program. Winning definitely makes it easier in a transition year.
  11. Apples and Oranges

    Understood and completely agree that there is a narrative out there already there. I could see a Kansas/Oregon state or a similar team try. Time will only tell but I think our O has been doing a disservice with putting the best product out there. Lack of creativity or game feel from the play...
  12. Apples and Oranges

    Major assumption in your post is that this staff is getting the most out of the players and putting the best practice on the field. I just don’t see that. We can debate about the D but the O has left much to be desired.
  13. Apples and Oranges

    This whole post boils down to CPJ transition to being Tech's HC was smoother than CGC. That is all. We can look at rosters, at how other coaches went from the 3O to some other kind of offense but there is a group of our fanbase that are actually enjoying the struggle so they can finally come out...
  14. Tobias Oliver to WR - PER AJC REPORT

    He's not afraid of contact and can run. He definitely will be utilized in different ways. I was curious when we would complete one to him when he originally lined up on the field with JG.
  15. Film Study Offensive cut ups vs. UNC

    Great write up. I appreciate the information. I went back to the days my short lived football career where the DE was responsible for the dive and keeping the LB clean by squeezing the tackle down. But after re-watching the play, the LBs fly into their run fits.