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  1. Sims=Bilbo

    I would love for someone to show us what Yates has done against power 5 competition that they are so convinced that he will run the offense better than Sims. Yates may not turn the ball over as much but he has not shown that he can move the offense either. The Duke game was never going to be a...
  2. New Season

    Meka is a guy who Pastner said would have helped us win games last year had he been healthy. He has natural instincts when it comes to shot blocking. We don't know how he will develop but Pastner did seem pretty high on him as a defender.
  3. New Season

    It usually takes a little longer for freshmen to be effective on the defensive end. Unless those guys pick it up pretty quickly they may not get as many minutes as we think, at least initially.
  4. New Season

    Man, I am really excited to see how all this plays out. It has been a while since we were this talented top to bottom. It has also been a while since we were this athletic. I can definitely see a number of sportcenter highlights in our future.
  5. Tech favored over Duke

    This is a game Tech should win. If we lose this one, I do not know how CGC can bounce back.
  6. Opposing fan perspective

    Kind of difficult for those backs to do anything if they do not have blocking. How many times do they have defenders in their faces as soon as they get the ball? I don't think anyone would argue that we don't have one of the best rb rooms in the ACC. Unfortunately we may have the worst oline in...
  7. #PittvsGT Postgame

    We MUST improve on the oline. It is getting to a point of being ridiculous.
  8. #PittvsGT Postgame

    I have no words
  9. Pitt is favored

    Roddy should be the least of our worries.
  10. Gameday!!!!!

    We cannot blame the refs for this **** show.
  11. Gameday!!!!!

    45 point in one half. We look worse than an FCS program. We may give up 70 again which is ridiculous for a power 5 program. All this in front of stadium full of recruits.
  12. tech media coverage

    Just win
  13. Game 5 #PITTvsGT Media

    Pickett>Howell? Some of you guys are hilarious!
  14. Pitt is favored

    This was so true. We were soooo depleted in that game. We still played pretty good passing d. We just could not stop the rb. The good thing about being forced to play a bunch of freshmen last year is that now they have experience. Guys like Ivey and Kennard are making huge contributions...
  15. Fire Geoff Collins

    I thought CPJ retired.