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  1. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    How many have played a conference schedule as tough as ours?
  2. Jordan Usher is a beast.

    I have truly been impressed with the player development from this staff. The improvement for Jordan from last year to this year has been a thing of beauty. He affects the game in a number of ways. His offensive game is much better than last year. I have probably been most impressed with his...
  3. Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    We control our own destiny. Let's win out and take the guess work out of it. If we win out there is no way we can be left out. Even though Duke has a roster stacked with 5-stars I think we are the better team. The team thinks so as well ( just ask Moses). Let's play up to our capabilities and...
  4. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    I understand what you are saying but that also shortchanges his other improvements offensively from shooting the jumper to his post moves to get baskets. Also Moses does much more than just score the basketball. He is top 5 in the league in points, rebounds, and blocks and top 10 in steals. I...
  5. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    I honestly believe Moses I just a guy under the radar. Hasn't had much attention on him at all. However if he can continue to contribute at a high level as the team gets more attention his value can skyrocket. He is not a guy that had bright lights on him since high school.
  6. Ryan Johnson needs to...

    I read the article. I don't see anything wrong with what he said. I want players who think they have a shot to win every game. If you don't think you can win then why even show up? Every team in America should want to go undefeated.
  7. Georgia Tech @ Miami, 12pm Saturday February 20th

    I hope we can continue to get Howard some pt. Any experience he can get without hurting the team is beneficial. Also would like to see a little more of Sturdivant. Good things seem to happen when he is on the floor. I would love for Alvarado and Devoe to play no more than 35 minutes if possible.
  8. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    It sucks how our schedule has played out where we have for the most part only played the top of the league. We have not had the opportunity to fatten the win column by playing the bottom half. I really hate that we let some opportunities slip by (UVA, Clemson, Duke) and those 2 losses to open...
  9. GT Ranked 48th in Preseason SP+ Projections

    The decision to move away from the 3O meant we were going to have to give a contract longer than normal. There were not many coaches lining up to take this job knowing the transition that was needed. There was no way GT was going to hire a coach and put him on the hot seat after 2 seasons. I...
  10. Ready for a Mid-Week Nooner? BC @ GT Noon, Wednesday, Feb. 17 2021

    I am completely fine with not trying to squeeze in a game. Let the guys rest and hopefully get Jordan back by Saturday. I'd rather not play on the road and then have to play on Saturday with less than 48 hours rest. I don't want to play VT shorthanded if possible. We already play Miami on Saturday.
  11. Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    Wasn't Verdisco the guy many thought would win the job but was hurt all year?
  12. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    I like Pastner's coaching and player development. The biggest thing this year highlights is his recruiting misses prior to the 2021 class. We have some talented players but not enough of them in key spots. Not having another post that can contribute and someone off the bench that can give you...
  13. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    Players gotta make plays.
  14. Current ACC Statistical Leaders

    Who before the season would have predicted we would be 4th in 3pt% at this point?
  15. GT Hoops General Topics

    I just dont see him contributing.much if at all this year. He has missed a ton of practice time and will take a while to get in shape. He still needs to learn the offense and defense. I think we will just roll with the guys we have now and hopefully Maxwell comes back completely healthy next year.