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    Ranking College QBs

    Wasn't Tobias getting some reps at DB or something like that? Tobias is obviously a very talented player, but I question his passing ability. I think we'll see him either at another position or as a short yardage type running QB. If I had to guess a starter week 1, it would be Lucas. He seems to...
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    Games you most want to win

    UGA is the most want to win, no question.
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    Bosh GT Teaser

    Anybody know where to get either one of those jerseys???
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    The GT Top 10

    Teenage Jacket- here are a few of my favorites: Shump Brian Oliver(the more recent one) Adam Smith Lammers No love for Gani Lawal here???? Loved that dude Ron Wamer
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    Bosh GT Teaser

    Where can I get that jersey???
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    2019 ACC Baseball Tourney

    English is awesome. Psyched for NCSt.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Dude has been on a crazy stretch. Shooter's touch! I have a feeling that the Bucks will be the East's sacrifice to GSW(Not a GSW fan, just love KD).
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    Nice, glad to hear that. Good to have him back.
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    wait a minute...Mike?? Is that you??
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    Why Pastner is likely to be here at least 5 years

    I absolutely do, but there were several games that we should have won, even without Josh O. VT, ugag, GW, St. John's.
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    Why Pastner is likely to be here at least 5 years

    I think getting Bilau would be the cherry on top. I think Reveno would turn him in to a quality starter. I like the Price signing fine, and Usher also good. Didenko not at all. I will give CJP credit on Bubba signing, he may end up saving this upcoming season for us.
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    Why Pastner is likely to be here at least 5 years

    I see what you mean, and I concede that there are several good players there. However, that talent compared to our talent ten years ago, or the talent that he got at Memphis is no comparison. And this upcoming class has been somewhat of a failure SO FAR, given how many recruits he has whiffed on...
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    Brent Key Mic'd Up

    Coach Key is the type of dude that I would love to play for
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    Spring Game Postgame Thread

    When will the full game be up online??
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    Why Pastner is likely to be here at least 5 years

    Pastner came in with the rep of terrible Xs and Os, great recruiter. Since coming to GT he has been fantastic Xs and Os(at least on D, not so much on O) and a terrible recruiter. Getting Bubba is a start. Now it's time to actuallly win some games, because the ACC will be down next year. I'm...