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    James Graham Transferring

    Hope you're right! I guessed this would be his landing spot a couple of weeks ago. That's my alma mater so it's a win/win for me.
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    Jalen Camp on Packer & Durham

    This year doesn't count towards eligibility for any player.
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    James Graham Transferring

    I think he could thrive at Georgia Southern. JG throws a better ball than current QB Shai Werts, and Southern is still a good team.
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    Correction IS 4 WEEKS ENOUGH for duke.

    Completely agree.
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    Correction IS 4 WEEKS ENOUGH for duke.

    Have they not announced the time of the Duke game yet? I thought they usually did this 2 weeks pryor. Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere already.
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    Updated Roster

    I get why you say that about Chico and Domineck, but why Evans? Not doubting him, but curious as to why you think that. Haven't hurt much about him since he got on campus.
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    Freshman Arrival

    I was thinking right below the line which basically means the same thing.
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    Kicker Brent King Enters Transfer Portal

    You're right. 87 is what I am coming up with based on current roster on
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    2020 Offseason Thread

    Not sure if that has been posted but here is a good 20 minute video of Jordan Yates’ quarantine grind.
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    Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    Thanks. At least we didn’t need him tonight. Hope it’s nothing serious.
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    Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    Why no Evan Cole? Don’t remember him getting hurt at ND.
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    Spring Game 2020

    Anyone know when spring practice will start? I am assuming it will be 2nd week in March.
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    Offseason Workouts - Club 1010

    Probably, but Malachi Carter is listed at 6-3 too. Either way, looking pretty tall.
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    Offseason Workouts - Club 1010

    He is looking a little taller than 6' - 3" here to me. I know Zamari is listed at that height and Sims looks taller.
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    Just saw that too. Hate to hear that. I think he can be a special one with a little development and time in the strength and conditioning program. Anyone know the nature of the surgery? Did he play against Miami?