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    #GTProDay 2021

    So I did "Count 'em" like they said and only got to 29 times that he lifted up the bar. Am I missing something? Also this is not a knock on Jalen cause it would have still been a combine record and he made it look effortless!
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    Moses Wright: 2021 ACC Basketball Player of the Year

    Fyi for anyone not paying attention to basketball. TECH IS PLAYING IN THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP tonight at 8:30pm on ESPN!!!
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    Moses Wright: 2021 ACC Basketball Player of the Year

    Don't forget that Alvarado got Defensive Player of the Year!!! Also going dancing for the first time in over a decade!!! I was actually thinking about posting about all this on the football board if you had not. This is something that all Tech fans need to know and celebrate including those...
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    2021 Recruiting Class & Transfers In

    Nm (just saw article on DeFoor was already posted)
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    Edits: players likeness

    IIRC I heard Collins say something about the recruits having access to these avatars to do with what they wanted
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    Penalties and Discipline

    Collins didn't do anything wrong in that handshake! He goes up to the middle meets Narduzzi tries to give him a quick handshake and then go off to be with the team. What makes it APPEAR to be bad is that Narduzzi death grips Collins' hand and tries to yank him back. There's even a picture right...
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    The unbalanced nature of the questionable calls was only part of it. There were also some blatantly wrong calls/no calls. There are three that stand out to me. The first was the late hit call as Pickett was running out of bounds. He was clearly still in bounds when he was hit so there should...
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    The Handshake

    CGC did nothing wrong at that handshake. I will admit when I first saw it I thought he was just snubbing Narduzzi (and I was all about it), but if you actually watch he walks up looks at him and goes to shake his hand quickly before walking off. Narduzzi made it look bad by grabbing his hand and...
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    Pittsburgh Post Game Thread

    I was watching the ESPN3 replay on my tablet and I almost snapped it in 2....more than once....
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    Game 8 Media Georgia Tech vs. Miami

    He said "in addition to practice" he is going to have these things to help break up the monotony of practice and give them a competitive outlet since they have missed out on 2 games following a bye week. IF we still play Duke next week it will have been 4 weeks since they played a game. That is...
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    GT-Pitt Postponed

    It is from both sides according to
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    Game 8 Media Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech #PITTvsGT

    Just as a point of reference, according to USA Today ( ), there are at least 262 assistant coaches in college football that made more than CDP last year. So for all those saying if CDP was such a good coordinator why haven't the...
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    Final Four Games

    Curry is not the best linebacker we have but he is the most knowledgeable and best leader we have at that position and that is why he is in. If you listen to the coaches and media talk about him it is always that no one prepares, studies, and works harder than Curry, but they rarely say anything...
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    Need An Understanding On QB Play

    I have felt the same thing. I have just assumed it is that the internal clock a QB is supposed to have in the pocket in college is shorter than high school and he is just not used to that yet. But like you I defer to people with more football acumen than me for real answers.
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    I have pretty much been in athletic shorts and a polo for work since March. The mullet attire: business on top and casual on bottom!