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    ProJackets Update

    I love it for Waller, so glad to see GT players excelling at the next level! I would be lying though if watching him blow up like this in the NFL doesn't make me angry knowing how much better he should have been when he was here.
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    Bobby Dodd Policies for 2020

    Well then they need to change their website and logo colors cause it is all red and black 🤢🤮
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    New radio promo throw some shade!

    It says it was voiced by Joe Hamilton in the tweet from Andy.
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    New radio promo throw some shade!

    :ROFLMAO: Yeah I realized I missed the s at the end of throw just after my edit window closed. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    New radio promo throw some shade!

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    Starting QB speculation

    My source told me that Tobias Oliver will start at QB this Saturday....:sneaky::LOL:
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    Week 3 Georgia Tech vs Syracuse Kickoff Set for 12pm ET

    Thanks for that i will have to figure out why it is not showing up.
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    Week 3 Georgia Tech vs Syracuse Kickoff Set for 12pm ET

    Odd cause I only have FS1 and FS2 in the Charlotte area.
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    Week 3 Georgia Tech vs Syracuse Kickoff Set for 12pm ET

    IIRC Except if they are on Fox Sports South cause YouTube TV kicked off the local Fox Sports Affiliates this year. I have YouTube TV too and am not happy.
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    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    This is so understated in these conversations! Not just the toughness to lower his shoulder but the awareness of where the first down marker was and what he needed to do to get there. There was another run where he was getting tackled just at the first down line and made sure to extend the ball...
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    I was pissed watching that segment cause even though it was supposed to be about our game the only time they mentioned us was in a passing statement about transitioning from the option!
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    Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    I do the same things (including the "la la la la" 🤣)! I even get irritated with my wife and family if they mention that they saw the score cause i can usually tell the results by the tone of their voice.
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    Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    That is probably more accurate. He has just always seemed to talk himself up and discuss how he is a leader during interviews even when he was first at Tech (you know like 15 years ago 🤣). It just rubs me the wrong way. I have always rooted for him and hope he has success (which he would be if...
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    Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    I am guessing that he figures that he will be drafted this year. I know he is a hard worker and a leader on the team but whenever he is interviewed he comes off as overly cocky and full of himself. I just feel like that comment was another instance of that.
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    Game 1 ATL Chart