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    Game 4 #UNCvsGT Predictions

    I don't know if we are getting better or Clemson is that bad. Hope we are getting better.:)
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    #KSUvsGT Postgame

    We got a win. Sure beats losing. We aren't ready to compete with Clemson. I will be happy to come out the game with no injuries.
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    Pastner and Fortner Contracts Extended

    OK, say we give you credit for the contact extension, try your powers on something difficult. How about another ACC Basketball Title or really go for the gusto and ask for an ACC Football Championship. :cool:
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    Pastner and Fortner Contracts Extended

    Pastner signed a three year contract extension. Pastner Contract Extention
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    GT Hoops General Topics

    God I hope not. Pastner is worth keeping. We don't need to screw up basketball trying to save football.
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    What some of the "money" is saying

    This is starting to sound like Paul Hewitt part 2, except for winning the first few years.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    This may be our best course of action going forward. Hire a consultant to coach Collins and evaluate what is going wrong. If he fails, at least, Collins’s buyout is decreasing. If Collins improves enough to be a decent coach, our prayers were answered.
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    2021 G1 NIU ATL Depth Chart

    Hey, that was a deeply guarded secret. I guess we won't see that play after it was leaked. ;)
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    Jose and Moses Post Draft

    Moses Wright going to Summer League with Raptors
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    kg01's cool (or not so cool) nickname

    Be careful what you ask for. ;)
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I share your faith in the team for this coming year. I think Usher and Moore can cover the 4 , but we need to recruit as you say the classic scoring, face-up 4 for following year. Moving a perimeter player to the 4 spot later on may upset team chemistry, particularly if the player would like to...
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I guess our unknowns are the status of Jose Alvarado, Jermontae Hill, and a possible transfer big guy.
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I have no idea if the poster on youtube knows anything but he says "New members of the Georgia Tech team Deivon Smith and JerMontae Hill". JerMontae Hill would be a nice addition to the team.
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    Coach K to Retire After Next Season

    Don't hold back. We want to know how you really feel. :cool:
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    It’s fun to read our knowledgeable fans (at least they know much more than me) debate over next year’s lineup. We played small ball last year with Moses who is listed as 6’9”, 233 lbs. on the roster. If we don’t play one of our three big men, the center position will be manned by either Khalid...