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  1. CFP Odds and Format

  2. CFP Odds and Format

    They really went out on a limb there with those 4 teams 🙄
  3. Our stadium

    I don't think the in game experience is all that much of a make or break these days. More fans are just enjoying the home experience with friends than being at the game unless it's a big time game with a marquee opponent.
  4. 99 days...

    Hopefully we score some points game 1!!
  5. Todd Stansbury counting on more football wins this season... How many...

    Gotta be 6 and a bowl game at the worst. Or else it's time go go.
  6. The role of strength & conditioning in a program

    Well, not the year in question, he didn't lol. In 2016 he did with the lunge at the goal line. 2018, well that was just a beatdown.....
  7. The role of strength & conditioning in a program

    Believe it was Searcy and one of the mutts commented before the game to with "yall don't lift weights".....Granted those idiots look a lot more physically imposing than anything we've trotted out in a while.
  8. WSB TV & UGA

    With how the last 3 years have gone for us, I'd rather not have any segments bringing any more attention to our 3 win seasons, lol.
  9. Looking at the roster...

    With obvious depth issues and lack of very many playmaker's at all 3 levels of the defense, I wouldn't mind us taking a page out of Arkansas's defense and running a 3-3-5. With 3-3-5 you can keep your fun fits and gap integrities while playing a soft zone in behind and utilize the extra speed...

    Or...And stay with me here....We could focus all the hate for Ugag our fans display almost daily and focus that energy on Tech. It sounds crazy I know......My family is split right down the middle with dad's side Tech, mom's side Ugag. My mom's side doesn't mention Tech at all during the year...

    All great feats we love. Zero relevance in 2022. We can agree to disagree though.
  12. What Was The Best Part of The 2020-21 Football Season?

    We made some much needed staff changes albeit not as many as we should have. Needed to clean house sans Coach Choice. It also seems like Collins has had a wake up call where all the rah rah rah, 404 404 nonsense can be put to bed and he can actually focus on coaching.

    Why would I sit in the corner? I'm proud of all of our titles. The fact 3 of them are absolutely irrelevant in 2022 and closer to the Civil War and both World Wars than current times, while the 4th has now been surpassed by those twats beating Bama is even more annoying. We can use logic while...

    Yes that too....We have 4 titles. 2 of which are much closer to the Civil War than current times. Not sure that's exactly a dagger in the heart of Ugag dip****s

    I'd argue, a title that is now over 100 years old, being used as smack talk is overplayed. That makes us look desperate having to go back that far. Just my opinion though. I loved rubbing 1990 in their faces for the last 4 decades