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  1. Pressley Harvin as Kick Off Specialist

    Free Kick rule. It applies to the NFL but I can't verify it for NCAA.
  2. Pressley Harvin as Kick Off Specialist

    Not only did Scott Blair do both, he was an animal on KO coverage. I specifically remember a few of his de-cleaters.
  3. Pressley Harvin as Kick Off Specialist

    The coaches need to be coaching as if their careers depended on it, and trying every possibility is a start. The mechanics piece aside, are specialists really at that much risk on kickoffs? They're unblocked and if Harvin can consistently bang it through the end zone, there's no injury risk on...
  4. Pressley Harvin as Kick Off Specialist

    Coverage is definitely a problem, but neither of our specialists consistently drive it deep into the end zone.
  5. Pressley Harvin as Kick Off Specialist

    My apologies if this has been listed before, but I didn't find it on the forum search. We've had major problems kickoff coverage problems for Johnson's entire tenure that were masked by Butker's huge leg. Why is Harvin not on the discussion as the kick-off specialist? Touchbacks would've...
  6. Rate the best GT FB player...

    Are you referring to Nat Dorsey? Didn't play with Joe as I believe they had a year of separation, but the best pro-style olinemen I can remember.
  7. Derrick Moore (falcons video) I love seeing Derrick Moore in any capacity. What passion!
  8. ProJackets Update

    Ozzie Newsome hints at a potential position change for Darren Waller. It's been discussed here and hopefully we see a Miss St type performance from the TE position!
  9. GT 2016 Roster and Spring Depth Chart

    Demetris Robertson omission? :devil:
  10. Jabari's Instagram post?

    Played through most of the Groh era, behind average (at best) d-lines, and struggled in the classroom after coming to us as 4 star. Personally, I thought we had a future All-American after his unwavering commitment and his performance during his RS-Fr season. He is still young and harbors...