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  1. Expectations for the 2021 season

    I think that’s a good number for betting purposes.
  2. Expansion Talk 2021

    Depending on scheduling, the eastern teams would have to go out west 2-3 times every 3 years. For the west coast teams it would suck yes, but you do get east coast recruiting and more eyes on your team.
  3. Expansion Talk 2021

    You already get LA with SC and West Virginia fans have the perception of being a rabid fan base no matter the results. WV also enhances a ‘big East’ pod with regional rivalries fans will want to see. Also, Notre Dame will want to play usc and Stanford every year.
  4. Expansion Talk 2021

    You get intriguing matchups. It’s also not like these teams will despise the travel. USC and Stanford go to Notre Dame every other year. Stanford has been to vandy, northwestern, and UCF in the last decade. USC has gone to Hawaii, Syracuse, bc, and Virginia.
  5. Expansion Talk 2021

    I like this idea but I would go, in order of preference/invitation: 1. Notre Dame 2. USC 3. Stanford 4a. Penn State 4b. Oregon 4c. Washington 5. WVU 6. A Texas team 4 5-Team Pods(assuming we don’t get penn st) Pacific: SC, Stanford, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington Old Big East: BC, Cuse, Pitt...
  6. Expansion Talk 2021

    Sure it is. Jimbo arguably has only slightly improved A&M from the Sumlin years that didn’t have Manzel at qb. A bunch of A&M fans think that last season was the breakthrough, but in the two games that were actually important, the barely beat Florida at home and got destroyed by Bama. The rest...
  7. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Collins would have known.
  8. Expectations for the 2021 season

    3 wins - UNI, KSU, Duke 4 losses - Clem, UNC, ND, Georgia Pick 2-3 wins between Pitt, @UVA, Vpisu,@daU, and BC. We have 3 at home. This should not be that difficult. None of the losses to this group should be by more than 14. No more embarrassing losses to mediocre or worse ACC teams like Cuse...
  9. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Given our performances last season, it doesn’t appear we have fixed those issues.
  10. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    We are obviously debuting the all gold look.
  11. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Well this is a uniform thread so....
  12. Starting QB speculation

    This was our starting oline in 98, whose height is comparable to our current oline. Hamilton is not 5-10 as the chart says but put up heisman contending numbers anyway. I’m not saying Yates will be joe, but height Should not be an issue. Pnut sounds like an college coed on tinder rather than a...
  13. 3:30 kickoff for FSU and UCF

    It that is accurate, our offensive game plan better be to run the ball 70+% of the time.