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  1. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    We are obviously debuting the all gold look.
  2. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Well this is a uniform thread so....
  3. Starting QB speculation

    This was our starting oline in 98, whose height is comparable to our current oline. Hamilton is not 5-10 as the chart says but put up heisman contending numbers anyway. I’m not saying Yates will be joe, but height Should not be an issue. Pnut sounds like an college coed on tinder rather than a...
  4. 3:30 kickoff for FSU and UCF

    It that is accurate, our offensive game plan better be to run the ball 70+% of the time.
  5. How will the Jackets fare in 2020?

    ESPN’s matchup predictor currently has us winning: @Cuse, Pitt, Duke, @NCSU Toss-up losses(40%-49.99 chance to win): @thugu and @BC All the other games were under a 30% chance to win. So they have us going 4-7 to 6-5.
  6. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Person who scored the touchdown is pictured and the rest of the unit is listed in the photo.
  7. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Sims and Yates are practicing with jrs and srs according to the player list in the pictures.
  8. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Probably reading to much into the lineups, but it seems Sims and Yates are getting reps with the probable ATL starters.
  9. Uni combo

  10. Uni combo

    Thought we had a chance to win this game. Guess we don’t want to.
  11. The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    Think adidas will make the shirt coach is wearing available at some point?
  12. He did again today in the PC

    I believe similar observations/assessments were made prior to the 2014 season. Oline had some solid players but depth was an issue. Most thought Thomas was a good athlete but did not have a complete grasp of the offense. The ACC coastal is down. I really think PJ would have had a good Season.
  13. 1230 RSN for @Duke