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    Tech vs Clemson, it's actually very easy to explain

    There is clearly some outscheming going on by Venables.
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    ESPN Classic

    Chuck left the team his senior year to try cor the Rhodes Scholarship. Smart guy and very fast!
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    Was Blazer the guy that the UNC football players called Black Santa?
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    unc injury list grows....

    Couldn't happen to a nicer, more honest bunch.
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    Unc game

    $5 parking at the Biltmore
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    What If

    Broyles was offered the head coaching job at GT but decided not to leave UARK
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    What If

    If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle!
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    Away Game Tickets

    I've been 2 of the last 3 time to the GT-Miami game in Miami. Hope for a noon game. It will be hot as hades but the fans won't be nearly as drunk as at a night game. they have the most obnoxious fan base. One year I really worried about my safety (the year Justin Thomas was a freshman and...
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    Florida-Tennessee BDS possibility

    Is GA Dome still a possibility?
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    UT and Holding

    There were very few calls during the game. I noticed that. They gave us our obligatory chop block/blocking below the waist call.
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    QB battle

    It's MJs job to lose
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    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    Will he take $100 each?
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    "Bag Men"

    I think it is very widespread at most of the schools you would guess. I dont think GT has been totally clean but we are angels in comparison. I think our 2007 recruiting class might have influenced by some of this. But not much since.
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    Question about a past incident involving football players.

    Didn't the plate glass window incident occur at Dash Riprocks? They didn't stay in business too much longer and I wondered if that incident was the beginning of their downfall.