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    Collins’ salary 56th among FBS coaches USA Today Report

    IMO Coach Collins's salary is fine, if he gets to 6 this year 8 plus next year, then he would probably get a raise. If he got 10 plus W's, he would get a bigger raise. I have no doubt, Tech could pony up a couple of million to move him into the 5-6 Million range.
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    GT Vollebees

    They are really good, very proud of these women who are killing it!
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    I was very critical of this coaching staff after NIU, and know I will be very praiseful of this game. Great effort, we stood toe to toe on many levels this game and I am proud of our team! If we can continue, we are going to win some games this year
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    WVU hanging it on VT

    Michigan just put 63 on NIU 😳
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    Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    We are going to win a game that we probably shouldn't win. We just have too much talent now. I think Duke, Boston college and maybe 1 more.
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    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Uniforms

    This is what I have been waiting for... Our weekly Uni video.. #juice #sarcasm
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    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Predictions

    We all know what can happen to a team when they face the triple option... Do you really think we are going to be disciplined on Defense? I sure hope I am wrong and we blow the doors off of KSU, but I haven't seen much that would lead me to believe our Defense will play with the discipline...
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    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Media

    First let me start with the positives... I was a big Geoff Collins believer, and I have been really impressed with his recruiting. The talent level has definitely gone up and I am trying hard to see a sustainable winning program that we all want. But I am as equally disappointed in how he...
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    Defensive Line

    It was a horrible comedy of errors. I went back and re-watched the game and we simply didn't get a push when we needed it, we shot the wrong gaps on critical downs, and we missed tackles that we had made the previous series. Ultimately it appeared to be mostly mental with our boys, I hate to say...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    This is one of the worst half's of GT football I have seen. Very disappointed in the coaching staff. Love the heart of Yates. I love the message and the culture of Coach, but it is time for him to show that he can coach. If he can't get him out.
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    Tech enrollment

    I guess I am in the minority. I think we should drastically increase our student population.
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    GT university from a business partner…

    yikes, as a guy who works in advertising... somebody is getting a call.
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    Game 1 #NIUvsGT Predictions

    whoever picked the GT < 7 needs to be immediately voted off the island.
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    I think people are under selling on Clemson... They new QB is really really good.