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    Wow, very impressive by Coach Nell!
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    Arizona HC Search and Pastner Implications

    Staley is a great coach, she would do really well.
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    Returning players for 2021-22

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    Ush TV

    WHAT USH is coming back!!!
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    Zach Quinney forgoes football for job opportunity

    Proud of this young man. Way to go!
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    GTWBB vs South Carolina, Sunday Mar 28, 1PM ABC

    Proud of our women, they fought hard. Really hopeful that some of them return. I think Nell is a great coach and the future is bright.
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    GTWBB vs. W. Va. on Tuesday March 23 @ 5:30 pm(ESPNU)

    Love these women, they play hard! I was cheering/clapping most of the game. Nell is a good coach and we have a great team!
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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Horrible, absolutely Horrible that our women get subjected to this type of crap.
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    WBB - Georgia Tech (5) vs. Stephen F. Austin (12), Sunday 4:30 p.m, ESPNU

    I have loved watching the WBB play this year. They are incredible and Coach Nell is a winner. I'm glad she coaches for us!
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    Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    Sister Jean is 101 I think. I read she was fully vaccinated and wasn't going to be allowed to go because of limits to the number of people that can travel. I have no faith that the NCAA will do the right thing, but I hope somebody wakes up and allows a fully vaccinated 101-year-old Chaplean to go.
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    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    Dang its good to have RamblinRed back...
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    Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    I’ll I have to say I didn’t know jack ****e about our opponent, but after researching them furiously since our announcement, I like our chances. I love our team, we are playing hungry and our defense is great. Mark my words we are going to win this game!
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    whos the better dunker

    I love Usher, I hope he comes back, He will be the emotional heart of the team, but Ish was nasty.
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    ACC Tourney

    We are going to win the tournament now, book it, and it will forever have a * by it. That is so Tech