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    Mid season questions answered... where to from here

    May have to do with the uptick in defensive play, getting is the ball back more often?
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    Miami fans are bad

    Not ranking it ahead of Florida, just saying UGA has the ability to get the same quantity and quality or recruits as UM due to less is state competition. If you can't see that, I don't know what to tell you. My Koolaid ref is to people thinking UM is "back". They may end up being really good...
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    Miami fans are bad

    They are pretty comparable actually. Georgia had tons of talent. UGA unfortunately is the state school for most 4 and 5 star recruits want. Miami competes with 2 other major instate school with similar recruiting prowess, so yes they are pretty comparable. Think some of you Miami fans may be...
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    Miami fans are bad

    Funny. He had top ten recruiting classes most of if not the whole time he was at Georgia. He was already on a gold mine, wasnt able to do much with it.
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    GT must win next week or we are basically eliminated from winning Coastal

    Well you're the biggest competitor I have seen in my whole life. I think if the D plays well, we have a chance.
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    Miami FSU Game

    Yes... We get it, I hurt your feelings, sorry all in jest. Now, back to this game...
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    Miami FSU Game

    One of my co-workers is in his twenties, has the soul of an 80 year old man though.
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    Miami FSU Game

    That's cause you're old :)
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    Miami FSU Game

    I personally love the turnover chain. It's hilarious and gets players motivated as well as gets in opposition's heads.
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    Love this post!
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    UGA update

    Who cares. This is a GT forum... I'll wait till the week we play them to talk about them. But while we're at it, who have they played that is actually that good? I'm not convinced.
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    Florida-Tennessee BDS possibility

    I really like alot of your posts and insight, but I don't like this one. I could understand if you would ask the question of why not playing at UT, but comments like this is why tech fans sometimes get a bad rep. As far as I'm concerned, this gives GT and BDS more positive exposure, not to...
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    Florida-Tennessee BDS possibility

    I'm all for it, might even go to the game. Always had a sweet spot for UF. Always felt like the were acc material. Good basketball, good football, decent academics. Plus let's be good neighbors.
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    Brenton King

    I may be mistaken, but was it not the JSU kicker that kicked it out of bounds? If not, then was it both of them?
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    Tennessee Game 1

    Tennessee players will look like this after tonight... No knees. GO JACKETS!!! I told myself if I catch one, we win, I'm hyped!!! Damn won't upload