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  1. And the winner of the 2022 Buster Posey Award is …
  2. Kevin Parada wins Johnny Bench Award

    AJC article by Ken Sugiura here. I did not know that Johnny Bench makes the selection himself! I thought the decision was made by some type of committee.
  3. Kevin Parada wins Johnny Bench Award

    Right here:
  4. It’s possible ND would do all it can to keep Link Jarrett

    Agree. However, I wouldn’t discount a bidding war between ND, Clemson, and FSU.
  5. It’s possible ND would do all it can to keep Link Jarrett

    … by offering him a huge $$$$$$$ (7- figure) salary. “Grass is not always greener somewhere else.” They can easily afford it.
  6. Parada named finalist for Golden Spikes Award

    Right here: BTW, he’s also in the running for the Buster Posey Award.
  7. Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    Coach Hall must have missed that one. LOL
  8. Are we getting our $$$ worth out of Danny Borrell?

    Well, way back when I played small college baseball (mid- to late 1960s), our coaches did not use electronic devices to measure spin rates or rpms of pitched balls, and use computer-enhanced graphics to analyze a pitcher’s mechanics, etc. A pitcher was either good or he wasn’t. That was around...
  9. Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    It brightly shows our team’s reflection of its head baseball coach, Danny Hall: Respect. First-class sportsmanship … in playing the game the right way.
  10. Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    Our team simply amazed me by going 2-2 in this Regional, despite its serious season-long pitching deficiencies. I had expected a 1-2 effort. In last night’s game, both Maxwell and Brown pitched far beyond what they had shown all season. They gave it all they had, and then some. True grit...
  11. NCAA Tourney

    Good morning, my fellow GT guys ‘n gals! Every year, a few of these mid-major conference baseball teams are actually excellent ball clubs with loads of talent. They can play with anyone in the major conferences … The Campbell Fighting Camels are one of them.
  12. GT vs The Camels

    By the way, folks. My son-in-law is a head baseball coach for a Division III college in north Georgia, and he speaks very highly of Coach Danny Hall. He frequently meets Coach Hall during his scouting trips to summer baseball games after the spring college baseball seasons end, when high school...
  13. GT vs The Camels

    Well, like I opined prior to the start of the season, our team had to have good pitching overall as a staff, in order to contend at tournament time at the end of the year. Good pitching beats good hitting, most of the time. It has always been so. Only hope is for the team to overcome its poor...
  14. Clemson fires Baseball Coach Monte Lee

    Right here: Nationwide search is now on for his replacement.
  15. NCAA Tourney

    Here’s Baseball America’s latest projected Field of 64, before the official NCAA brackets come out at Noon today: