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  1. This kind of stuff is way different from CPJ

    I'm not sure CPJ had to work this hard to get Charleston Southern/Rutgers recruits. But based on this board i feel that GT will not only have its first 5* recruit ever we will be swimming in them :) Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. Lets direct this energy at those ESPN 100 recruits...
  2. Geoff Collins at temple

    Results in powers of 2. Feels legit.
  3. GT #26 in S&P+, 3rd in ACC, #1 in Costal, Title Game here we come. :) *Always look on the bright side of life
  4. We have to sellout the Miami game

    How can I not wander in, now, that I have this once in a lifetime free admission? Of course its only for the daily specials at the Alluvia. :sneaky:
  5. We have to sellout the Miami game

    Moving my bachelor party to the game and required dress code is white. So there is 7 more seats filled. Happy beginning is what I want with a W. :happy: