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  1. B1G expansion?

    Let's hope the ACC can pull something off. Might need to try and raid the leftovers of the PAC / Big12. Then maybe you can convince ND to join, especially if Stanford is in the league
  2. Interesting Graphic On GT and College Fanbases

    Along with #3, you could have this run by a local brewery and open it up on non-football weekends from Thursday through Sunday. $5 or so to get in and then let the brewery sell whatever they want. GT gets cash, brewery gets an amazing location, and then we also have an awesome place for fans...
  3. 2022 NCAA Golf Championship

    Yikes. Rough start to the day. Dead last at the moment
  4. 2022 NCAA Golf Championship

    Anybody know if this is televised? I haven't been able to find any details.
  5. If the ACC scraps divisions...

    Clemson, FSU, VT would be the obvious choices from a historic perspective, but I feel that we'd push back on that. Clemson, FSU, and Duke might make sense
  6. Coaching Staff Given Extentions thru 2025

    Recruiting has stepped up to a whole different level, Hall has gotten major investments into facilities, and hired two highly desirable coaches. To me, he is clearly trying to shake things up. I think an extension is just fine, though I do worry about losing Ramsey.
  7. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)

    Hopefully he can learn under Riley and we see him back in the program in the future. Hard to find a better tutor than Lincoln Riley at the moment
  8. GT Vollebees

    Up 2 sets. Up 23-17 in set 3. Let's close it out.
  9. 2022 Schedule.... Is this accurate?

    Clemson is a conference game. Believe Western Carolina is the 4th non con
  10. Staff Changes

    Can you guys do this somewhere else so the rest of us can talk about actual Staff Changes?? To try and get us back on track... Anybody know if we're waiting on Godsey's response before we make any further hires? I assume he'd want to bring in someone of his own choosing if we have another...
  11. Staff Changes

    I would love to have Dennis in an elevated co-OC / QB coach role alongside a more established OC who had playcalling responsibilities
  12. Ticket Exchange

    Last try... Still have 2 for Saturday! Section 101, row 45 Doing Thanksgiving at my in-laws in Ohio and will sadly be missing.
  13. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I'm fine with the Monken suggestion, but nothing seems worse than padding your win count by scheduling no-names to get easy wins...
  14. Ticket Exchange

    I do. Section 101
  15. Screw it. Its now Hate Week

    This sucks. I still hate them, but I know we get boat raced. **** uGA Todd, please make the pain stop