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  1. NCAA Tournament

    Because they are dropping bags
  2. NCAA Tournament

    Kofi should go pro, there’s nothing left for him to accomplish in college.
  3. March Madnesss memories

    My wife was watching the game in a restaurant and yelled when Bynum scored. People looked at her like she was crazy. She knows nothing about sports but knew I would be happy.
  4. March Madnesss memories

    Only Final Four ever been to was the Webber timeout one. I saw him try to call a timeout about a minute before he actually did and told my brother it would be amazing if it happened. Funniest part of watching the replay is Montross calling for a travel waiting to check in.
  5. ACC Tournament 2022

    ND loses, no shock. Didn’t get to play another bottom team in the ACC again.
  6. ACC Tournament 2022

    Carbon copy of Okogie game winner vs ND
  7. Tech vs Louisville

    There was no effort
  8. Tech vs Louisville

    No excuses from Pastner, this season was over before it started. Time for him to manage his program like he’s on the hot seat.
  9. Tech vs Louisville

    Disgusting effort...time for some huge changes with this program
  10. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    That whole thing tonight was awkward and creepy.
  11. Season Finale vs. Boston College

    I thought they said he’s coming back
  12. GT at Clemson Post Game

    Clemson must have scored like 23 points in last 8 minutes. You must really suck to get out coached by their coach.
  13. GT at Clemson Post Game

    Pastner is so lucky our fan base barely cares about basketball. This team is a disgrace.
  14. GT at ND on the ACCN 2/26

    As you know, your son is my favorite player on the team. It’s frustrating he wasn’t surrounded with more talent this year. Losing this much has to get frustrating as well.
  15. GT at ND on the ACCN 2/26

    17-41 from inside the arc against a team that doesn’t block a lot of shots is pathetic. This is the worst 2 pt shooting team I’ve seen.