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  1. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    I’m saying , if I’m any of these guards including collins, kj or melious and you see all the other guards getting recruited in same class it’s a red flag. Plus the 2022 and 2024 offers ? Who is priority? As far as we know melious is loyal unless being poached . @Buzz U don’t agree
  2. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    If we lose nicole over all these offers it will be an I told you so. Also you think Kymora and Kitts want to play together ? Collins and Boswell
  3. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    That’s unc Paulina paris dad?
  4. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    No a fan of collins. Seen her play live, limited spot up shooter . Look deep melious kitts collins are all affiliated with Brandon clay recruiting.
  5. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Melious is a pg? Kitts wing , Kymora and Collins guards but the recent 2022 kids . Why all guards
  6. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    @Buzzbomb , why are we bringing in a plethora of guards, melious committed , Diana collins, Chloe kitts , Kymora Johnson and others all in same class? Makes no sense? They all can’t play at the same time for 4 years . Diana collins a role player spot up jump shooter, but then melious kitts...
  7. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Love kitts hope we get her and melious, not collins
  8. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Love kitts not collins melious is superior
  9. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    This shows how good nicole melious is, I see someone intense with a will to win. She has an ability to put the ball in the basket better then everyone else . Love the intensity more though
  10. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Melious playing at lakepoint this weekend via her twitter. Will coaches go show up there? Student body should . It’s on her twitter
  11. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Melious playing at lakepoint Friday and sat via her twitter
  12. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Disagree saw her in Atlanta . She has monster first step. And her hesitation w ball handling is great. Like Steph shoots from anywhere
  13. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Nicole the truth melious , elite defense , elite court vision and shoots like Steph. We need to build around her. She avg 40 107 in hs. 28ppg 10 apg 6 rpg in aau last weekend her team is much better esp watts . This kid works also. Heard she up 4 am trains till like 9 am Then again w a father...
  14. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Nicole “the truth” Melious is her new name . Baby curry looks about right
  15. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Steph curry esque. Saw them play in Atlanta. Maya watts is big time