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    Game 8 Uniforms #DUKEvsGT

    Any of you that think our navy uniforms are ugly need to check out what Clemson's wearing today. Purple and florescent orange. Yuck.
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    Good TV Shows?

    Cobra Kai (2 seasons on Netflix/YouTube premium) was fantastic. Lots of cool nostalgia. Second season of Mandolorian has been really good so far. (Disney+) I've seen the first few episodes of The Right Stuff, and those have been good as well. Apparently most astronauts back then were a-holes...
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    RIP Sean Connery

    Second season of the Mandalorian came out Friday, but that's all I got. "Hunt for Red October" still one of my faves.
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    But isn't that....clemsoning?
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    To get everyone pumped, today is the fifth anniversary of Miracle on Techwood.
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    The Kicking Game

    Maybe we need to get John smoltz' sports psychologist and sit him in the north stands just like he sat behind home plate.
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    Issues with Youtube TV

    I think this same thing happened several months ago with YTTV and the Regional Foxes. It was resolved for most areas of the country, except for mine. After YTTV upped it's fee, we switched to Hulu LIve. The Hulu interface isn't nearly as good with rewinding and fast forwarding, and it...
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    OFFICIAL BDS unveil video

    I agree with this. I think it looks really good, and the ombre color approach is very modern.
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    GT Hoops General Topics

    Great interview with Brian Oliver. This is everything we should be selling.
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    Funny Stuff

    My mom sent me this via a screenshot of her phone (doesn't know how to copy/paste text on the iPhone) so I had to completely retype it, but it is soooo worth it.... A suspected Covid-19 male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over this mouth and nose. A young...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Haven't seen this posted yet
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    Georgia Tech's Next Football National Championship?

    You forgot an obvious choice: -Before the dwags
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    Coaching Carousel 5 - You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow

    I was thinking the same thing. Next guy will just be a Gut/Doherty. I'd heard good things about King Rice. And there's Jerry Stackhouse.
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    Good TV Shows?

    I haven't caught the most recent two episodes that aired last night, but episodes 1 and 2 of "Last Dance" were fantastic. I had forgotten just how dominant Jordan was, and in the footage they showed, it looked like he was dribbling around in circles and everyone else was standing still. I kind...