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    How to watch today??

    I’m in Orlando area and it’s showing blacked out. I’m assuming because I have YTTV.
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    Offense: OL play again horrible. Key, despite him being a tech man, I have not seen anything to show me the value of what we pay him. OL still can’t hold blocks 3 years in. This is not the first game announcers made a point to criticize our OL play and How poor it is. ReDzone play calling...
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    Keys to stay competitive in game vs Clemson

    -Sustain drives, actually get first downs to control some of the clock and shorten the game. -Defense will have to do all kinds of stunts/twists/blitz etc to get any pressure on their QB. -can have zero turnovers or unforced errors -hope Clemson has an off day
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    #KSUvsGT Postgame

    My thoughts: Good stuff -team looked much more prepared for this game. So I give the coaching staff credit on that. - Yates might not have the natural talent /strongest arm, but he’s a leader, makes the throws he needs to and runs the offense well. Reminds me of tevin washington running the...
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    Week 2 ATL chart?

    Not that it’s a big deal, but was curious if anyone saw the week 2 depth chart? I hadn’t seen it anywhere. was wanting to see if there was any changes from week 1.
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    Money Down Poll

    The point of this stupid premise is supposed to get the fans and players fired up, but it obviously annoys all the fans and doesn’t seem to help our defense on 3rd down…so why is this still in place again?
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    Charlie Thomas makes PFF's Week 1 Team of the Week

    Charlie and Wes walker were the only players on the entire team that stood out to me in the game. making multiple plays. Yates played pretty well for the most part, but he does tend to want scramble a little too quickly but I don’t 100% blame him when our OL is still having trouble holding...
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    Defensive Line

    What happened to Harris being so disruptive at that they had to take him out to get things done? Is it because it was against our OL that is still not very good? I think our defense gets so much praise at practice because it’s going against our offense and our offense is very mediocre and...
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    Week 1 in GIF format

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    Fire Geoff Collins

    It was weird watching last night because I thought the same thing. He had 1 or 2 nice runs, but he got tripped up and solo tackled a lot last night. Where that was not happening last year. Mason ran hard and was having some success, would have liked to see Dante more when Gibbs was getting...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    I really liked Collins, and I really liked Paul. I think Collins had been doing what he actually said he was going to with changing the image of tech with recruits and national media and could see the buzz he was creating. So I really wanted him to succeed and see where it could go. with that...
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    Game 1 Uniforms

    My fav uni combo g/w/g although i know it’s hard to see gold numbers down on the field I really love the gold matching numbers with darker trim. But it looks great!
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    2021 Preseason Thread

    Was there no Saturday scrimmage today? I assume they did, but haven’t seen any news from anywhere on it.
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    2021 MLB Draft

    Yea looks like Ford is gone. Will be a first rounder. Which is a bummer, but not that unexpected. I’m a little confused with both Hurter and bartnicki at how high they are projected. I mean hurter has more of a case as he had more proven success over his career, but even he was very inconsistent...
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    ACC Tournament 2021

    I can’t wait to go back and watch the game. I didn’t see, but what was the deal with Luke smith? What happened there?