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    Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    Dabo took a pay cut to make happen!
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    The Citadel Postgame

    I really hope Tstan made the right decision, but I was skeptical at hire and even more so 3 games in. This is a very weak staff with little to no P5 experience.....especially at the top (HC, OC, DC). At least Dabo was smart enough and took LESS money to hire top flight coordinators....Collins...
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    GameDay !!!!!!

    D awful, vanilla, and painful to watch!! Roof is leaking!!!!!!
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    GT hires a new defensive graduate assistant

    Love the #s "the institute, attack and swarm and together we swarm"! Now we're branding GT.
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    How close did DJ come to dropping the INT vs uga?

    Gospel spoken !!!