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    #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Sims had a great game minus the boneheaded interception late in the first half. What a weird game.
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    Same old question how to watch the game??

    I am using a VPN and streaming through ESPN
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    GT vs. Georgia St.

    I’m watching via ESPN but not liking what I’m seeing so far
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    Andy Ogletree

    He has officially turned pro. Happy for him and hope he has a long successful career with a few major championships!
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    Andy Ogletree

    Cool video about Andy Ogletree that aired this morning.
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    2020-2021 GT Hoops Schedule

    Why aren’t we playing uga? And will we play them at home next year or do we skip a year?
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    Next Up - Revenge - Hopefully Sweet

    Is Devoe still injured?
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    Temple Post Game

    A positive is we got beat by Geoff’s former players? I guess
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    Bosh GT Teaser Check the link. It is the Jimmy Kimmel Live schedule for the week. There is a “college knowledge” between UCLA and GT Friday night.
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    Friday at 7PM - Need a sellout

    Actually was able to find a pair on stubhub. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    Friday at 7PM - Need a sellout

    Damn just missed out. Any one have 2 extras?
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    2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament - Atlanta Regional

    Are we the "home" team in all games we play?
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    2019 ACC Baseball Tourney

    Amazing! A few feet short of a home run on a huge wall but enough to get the runner on second home. WTG Jackets!