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  1. What Is The Worst Fan Criticism You Have Seen At Tech?

    You are blending together 2 different games. The Rudy game was 1975 when we had the worst injury year since I've been watching Tech football. ('68 was close but was concentrated at the qb position and 2015 was similar but still not on the same scale). The '77 game was the shellacking in response...
  2. MEMORIES...(first game)

    1974 and 76 were at Grant Field. 1975 and 77 were at South Bend.
  3. CPJ Tweet

    I'm baffled as to why Fulcher is tied with BL.
  4. uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    Replay would have shown that both Hamilton and the uga player were out of bounds when it was touched before recovery which would make it a fumble, immediate dead ball when touched, possession reverts back to Tech with no change in the situation. I don't know what was actually called (I never...
  5. What's the loudest you've ever heard Bobby Dodd Stadium?

    Just a few notes about the stadium. The upper west was not added until about '67 or '68 and brought the number of seats to between 58,000 and 59,000, the largest number of seats it ever had. The largest crowd was between 60,000 and 61,000 (probably 80 to 85% Tech fans) for the ugag game in '73...
  6. RIP Don Shank

    Yes, his younger brother, Jeff Shank, was a defensive back middle to late '70s and team captain in 1978
  7. RIP Don Shank

    My first roommate at Tech. Prayers to Jeff and his family.
  8. Old Tech memorabilia

    He was at the Letterwinners Tailgate for the UVA game.
  9. Juanyeh and the KO return

    If he drops one, then we have to recover it. We had one within the past couple of years that hit our returner in the chest and bounced out forward past the goal line. If you don't touch it and it lands in the end zone, it's a dead ball. If you catch it, it's live until you down it. During the...
  10. Juanyeh and the KO return

    I just wish he would stop running to the back of the end zone to catch them. Any time he knows that he is not returning it, he should just run off the field and let it go.
  11. GT fan attitude toward ND

    That was the 1974 opening game. The backup qb was in and he ran a play that got them inside the 5 yl with a few seconds left. He did call time out wanting to score but was yelled at by Ara Parseghian when he got to the sidelines. Ara told him to go back in and take a knee. Joe Malta and Tony...
  12. “What’ll ya have?

    Flossie Mae was a long time carhop who wore a "hat" decorated with flowers, etc.
  13. “What’ll ya have?

    Two hotdogs with the chopped onions on wax paper that you described. You can put more on than you will get ordering it all the way. Ring one and, when I was at Tech, a cold Budweiser. But, since they quit selling beer at some point, a diet coke or a PC if I'm in the mood.
  14. GT fan attitude toward ND

    Dislike immensely - 1975 - We flew to south bend, had our 45 minute jog around in the stadium, then bused over to Elkhart, Indiana where we stayed at an "old-style" Holiday Inn Motel that had been completely covered by a roof. There was a putt putt course next to the pool that was all under the...
  15. Georgia Tech Football and the deep South’s first black quarterback

    I've lived in Augusta all of my life except for an 8 year "Bluto like" period at Tech. Before I switched jobs, he and I would have lunch every 2 or 3 weeks. Now, I only see him sitting in the choir loft at church and I only talk to him if I go upstairs at Sunday School to visit with Craig and...