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    2021 ACC Baseball

    19 LOB! You can only leave 27 max in a 9 inning game. That is absurd
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    NC State - ACC Weekend #1

    Pretty sure there’s no way they can play today if the radar is correct. Guessing doubleheader tomorrow or Sunday (might be more likely).
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    Mercer Bears Wednesday 1 PM

    I think EKU is a pretty good team. However we still made a lot of mistakes - particularly walks, errors, and leaving a lot of runners on base. We need to clean a lot of that up fast - Mercer is a competent team and the next two weekends are against two of the top teams in conference. That said...
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    2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Anyone got one ticket for today?
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    Eastern Kentucky - Opening Weekend

    Love the middle of our lineup. 3-6 hitters (Jenkins, Reid, Compton, Holland) were 6-17 (.353) with 8 RBI, 2 doubles (Jenkins) and 3 HR (Reid/Compton/Holland with 1 each) and only 2 K’s. There’s a lot of power in there. Craziest part is they’re all second-year freshmen. That is a ridiculous core...
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    Eastern Kentucky - Opening Weekend

    Is Parada a big bat? It is hard to not be excited about the amount of young power we have in this lineup - Compton, Reid, and Holland all showed a lot of pop last year and I've heard good things about DeLeo and Parada as well. Best part is they're all "freshmen" this year again even if they...
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    Eastern Kentucky - Opening Weekend

    According to Russell Johnson on Twitter, Hurter/Archer/Crawford is the starting pitching lineup for this weekend. Bartnicki/Maxwell being looked at for closer spot but Bartnicki looks to have the edge. Wilhite will be starting 2B and they’re not really looking at him pitching right now which is...
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    MEMORIES...(first game)

    2007 UNC @ GT. Tashard Choice threw a TD to Taylor Bennett, Nesbitt led a 2 play 70 yard TD drive (1 designed QB keeper for like 20 yards and a TD pass for 50 IIRC), Travis Bell kicked two game winners (he either got iced or there was a penalty but he made both) and then UNC tried a desperation...
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    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    That Fifth Quarter tweet is the only thing out there and they don’t seem to have any sources or reliable information. In my opinion, the only way the move makes sense is if they offered him a huge raise over what he’s making now. Doesn’t make sense that he would leave Bama to come to his alma...
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    Coaches Tweets

    I’m not sure the staff would hype up the verbal commitment of a recruit that can’t sign for another year. It could just be alluding to NSD, or maybe some signing day flips in a general sense.
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    Sims vs. Pickett

    Sims has shown so many flashes of greatness, to me it is shocking when I hear about people questioning whether he’s the guy.
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    Jahmyr Gibbs Plays Football Well

    Gibbs was gone before he pulled his hammy. Would’ve been an 80+ yd TD reception
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    Things I'd like to see today

    Defense has made some plays against one of the top OLs in the nation. Just need to string a few together. The hands to face penalty erased a great play.
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    Uniform reveal - Notre Dame

    Doesn’t Adidas give each team a design “refresh” every three years? I think our uniforms now are great, but I would change the stingers on the pants to just a solid stripe. They’re ok on the shoulder pads but on the pants they look weird to me