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  1. Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

    If you lock it, then every thread will turn into a FGC thread. Kind of already has, but even more so.
  2. Locker room issues?

    Eh. I don't need to go dig it back up. If you want to go pull all the quotes from when he was hired about how he was teaching the OL to block (because apparently they did not know how to), how this was the biggest transformation in history, how he was going to bring back to GT real football...
  3. Locker room issues?

    You are right. He did not say those exact words. But his deliberately worded message was clear. It's all fun when you have a clean slate. Looks pretty dumb when you put the product on the field that he has.
  4. Locker room issues?

    We have won 9 games in three years. We lost to Citadel. We lost our last two games by 100 points. Yet our coach has a Twitter account dedicated to his shoes. If players are not fed up with it and still 100% bought in then we got the wrong players.
  5. Adonicas Sanders has entered the transfer portal

    Lol. I wouldn’t have stated it like Jerry did, but I think the point he was making (which I agree with) was that talent has not been the issue. We could definitely use upgrades in places, but it’s not the reason we won only 3 games. We have made some changes on the coaching side of the ball so...
  6. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    COVID was the reason that we came out with lock down D against FSU in the championship?
  7. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    Ok whatever. we literally won the acc championship last year. If not for Covid, likely a decent run in the tourney too.
  8. Coach Ratface farewell tour

    our biggest problem is our 5 can't do anything on offense. duke was daring the 5 to take a shot.
  9. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    and Alabama has a great OL and enough other weapons that teams can't stack the box and key in on him. He will do great.
  10. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Whatever came of that Suddes tweet re coming back from the dead?
  11. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    millions of dollar were at risk for him. but even if we were 6-6 or 10-2 or heck, even 12-0, millions of dollars were still at risk. Getting hurt in any of those scenarios would not have made the player somehow better off.
  12. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    Hope that’s not true. But if it is, that’s pretty weak.
  13. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    Did we ever find out why he sat at the end of the UGA game? Was he hurt or just done? In any event, loved Gibbs while he was here, sorry he is gone and I will miss watching him, but believe in Dontae.
  14. GT vs. USC in Phoenix

    couldn't make the game. box score shows howard with 20 min. and 1 point, few rebounds. That's not great.
  15. Neon Deion

    Name the schools for which you think he would leave his current position to become a DC. I doubt there would be any—maybe you can convince me on one or two. What does that say?