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  1. 2020 Ticket Exchange

    I have three tickets in section 102 and a student center parking pass available
  2. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    Whole lot of stupid on our sideline
  3. CDP play calling

    This isn't true. Coley at Uga had equivalent talent as LSU and nobody is trying to hire him. Talent helps but is not everything.
  4. Georgia Tech (PK) vs. NC State

    With our punter I think three safeties are possible.
  5. What players are you most excited to see in the Fall?

    Wells and Harvin. Both will win games for us this year
  6. #90 Adams T shirts.

    Put me down for two. (XL)
  7. Improving fan experience

    Put the visiting band in the upper north stands and mic our band
  8. Season Tix

    104 row 2
  9. Introduce yourself

    I'm a sidewalk fan working in Athens. It is a lonely life ha ha. I enjoy following GT sports. For CPJ first four years my brother and I attended everygame home and away, also Gailey's last year. Since then I only go to the home games and occasionally the Clemson game.