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    Dedrick Mills dismissed...

    I think football teams need to look past marijuana use, as long as it doesn't affect performance on the football field or in the classroom. If he's showing up to film study blazed out of his mind or to practice that way... Then I understand dismissing him. If he just failed some random drug...
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    The Empty Cupboard at UGA

    It sure looked that way the past few weeks. I don't know what you can attribute that to but... They don't look like a good football team for some reason. Most years you can see a talent gap between them and other teams... Ole Miss looked light years ahead of them and Nicholls wasn't far behind...
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    Jimmies and Joe's and Mike Sewak

    I agree. If we play Clemson later in the season I think we fare much better. We're just not quite in rhythm yet... despite winning a few games to start the year. I also agree that we need to mix up our blocking techniques more often. I wonder if CPJ has OUR defenders trying to completely avoid...
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    Run Pass Option Plays

    I just wish that when we're getting whipped up front that we could close the gaps on the Oline some and change the alignment of our Abacks presnap. That 1 play where we had an Aback out wide and motioned him like he was going to come across the formation... and then he put his foot in the ground...
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    Opponents Defensive Scheme

    Shotgun ONLY on obvious passing plays or 2 minute drill type situations. It'll atleast get rid of that backwards footwork drop and turn he has to do before he can even look down field for a WRs route to come open. If you take that few seconds of dropback away... he can atleast use that time to...
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    Opponents Defensive Scheme

    Nail... Meet head. VERY thin margin when it come to recruiting and red shirting. But... I'm glad alot of young guys are getting experience and it's something different than previous classes. Maybe it will be beneficial in a couple of years. That's what I am hoping happens.
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    UVA Postgame

    This is what baffles me.... Quit with the reverse drop BS when the entire country knows what you are fixing to do. You aren't fooling anybody by doing this... you aren't getting tricky... you are setting yourself up for failure before you even snap the damn ball. Getting so tired of CPJ teaching...
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    Marcus Marshall and other young guys

    We've got alot of young players I'm excited about. Brant, Vic, AJ on D will be suprisingly good in a short ammt of time. Will Bryan is head n shoulders above anybody else on offense IMO... That kid is going to be special for sure. I also like to keep an eye on Ricky Jeune, MM, and MLD. These...
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    FSU tickets

    I was looking for tickets way up in the North endzone for cheap. I'm imagining alot of available tickets the day before or down at the stadium. Guess I will try my luck there if my connect falls through. Can't see paying more than $50 a piece for em this season. Just not the make or break...
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    Curious why our D always looks the same?

    This hit the nail on the head for me. I feel the same exact way. We have played D like I think we should maybe 5-10 times in the last 10 years. I wish Roof would adopt a more aggressive approach while he has some pretty fast DBs at his disposal. I haven't seen us get beat deep very often...
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    End of Season Predictions

    I voted 3 - 9 after the loss to Pitt. I will go on to say that I think Pitt wins the Coastal this year. Utah will more than likely be your National Champion and FSU(Dalvin Cook) will wreak havoc against our slow undersized LB corp. I'm hopeful for next season and I will still watch every game...
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    Roof needs to go and Ray is gone

    Our front 7 is majorly undersized and just aren't fast enough to make an incorrect step and still correct it in time to be able to alter a play. I fear what's going to happen when Gotsis retires. He's about the only respectable Dlineman we have. We have some LBs in the pipeline that may be...
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    Pitt Predictions

    Narduzzi hass a great defensive mind. Here's to hoping GT does what we do well and it doesn't matter how good his D is. I think our D shuts them down pretty good if our O can convert a few critical 3rd downs. Prediction will go as follows... GT - 31 Pitt - 17
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    Clemson Postgame

    Exactly. Also when our O goes 3 and out constantly it gives the Clemson offense more opportunities to score and so forth. When we score 24 points or so on 15 possessions... that's not very good. No I didn't look that up.. just an average guess.
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    3rd and 4...

    I a I agree. I mentioned in chat about how CPJ has his QBs do that backwards footwork with a twist before they get set to make a pass. By the time that is finished the rushers are in the backfield. Then JT has to scramble around and try to make something happen. EVERY single TIME. Gotta have...