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    What music are you listening to?

    Here is what I downloaded this week but I mostly listen to classic country lots of Tom T Hall, Bobby Bare, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins,Jim Reeves, Roger Miller, bluegrass, cowboy songs,& gospel. here goes Midnight Special- Merle Travis Louisiana Moon- Gene Autry Clementine- Bing Crosby Blue...
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    ESPN says we have

    the third hardest schedule
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    2022 Spring Game

    Remains to be seen. There is a question mark about Sims ability to stay on the field. All things being equal I'd go with the new guy. Sims has had 2 years & the team is no better .
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    Elasticity of Demand

    Had a supervisor once say 3 nickels are better than one dime.
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    Going on the Record

    I picked 3 wins ( hoping for 12) with the wins coming against WCU ,Duke , & either Virginia or VT but leaning heavily to the Cavaliers as our 3rd win. . 6 away games with one at a neutral( maybe but doubt it as Clemson fans will fill Mecedes Benz) leaves on;y 5 games at Bobby Dodd & we get...
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    Collins on Packer & Durham

    Lothridge should have won it & Hamilton too. People just don't remember how good Billy the Kid was...qb, db, punter,fg & pat kicker too.
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    He will be coaching the Yellow Jackets.
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    Let's go about this different only positive things ( Why will Tech win 6 games or more next year)

    What if the team reacts in a positive way to all the criticism from media, fans etc & develops an Us Against the World mentality. Sometimes that works for a team & could be a good rallying cry for the team creating grit & determination.
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    Favorite 2021 GT FB Memories

    The thing I most enjoyed was watching how hard Jordan Yates played. That kid played with effort & heart.
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    🔥🔥🔥 Good Take on our Current Challenges

    It does not take 7 years for a team to learn how to play disciplined , aggressive football. To play hard for an entire game I think the old saw in reverse applies to our coach....he can take his'n & lode to yours or take yours & lose to his'n Probably he is a good guy but he is not suited to be...
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    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    GT connection with Dad, might do well here.
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    Jordan Ponchez Mason

    He has been a bright spot in a dark, dismal season. I have always liked the way he plays...with the heart of a lion! Congratulations on your GT degree & best of luck in the future.
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    #UGAvsGT Official Prediction Thread

    Sadly... UGA 66 Georgia Tech 10