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  1. Marquez Ezzard has left the program

    Has he been hurt? Or just been beat out by the other guys?
  2. Today in Analytics...

    Maybe their defense has gotten them a short field often enough to sway the numbers.
  3. Jordan Williams

    Do you have any other information on James Graham? Was he wearing street clothes? Maybe he was just visiting his friends?
  4. This is...and will be a weird year for college football

    UF may have hope in that they have a lot of tape to find a weakness (if it exists) in the u[sic]ga defense.
  5. What area needs to be improved the most

    One glimmer of hope is that we haven't yet seen the OL that were recruited to play under Key besides Williams (I think Franklin played a little against Duke). Outside of those 2, we haven't seen what the pipeline of players with 1-2 development years look like. Hopefully there will be gains in...
  6. What area needs to be improved the most

    I agree. It's really hurting us that we don't seem to have it in us to even attempt to bull rush ahead for those hard 1 or 2 yard situations. I think that has a domino effect on play calling and forces us to make more plays outside the tackles.
  7. 2021 ACC and Competition News

    How does the UVA OL look? If they're anything like UNC, that helps us out. I wonder since they're so bad at running the ball if we go 3-2-6 or something on defense haha.
  8. Sims=Bilbo

    Okay, I solved it, he's a RS freshman that got to play 10 games instead of the currently allowed 4 games. The RS next to freshman is invisible on the ramblin wreck website.
  9. Gameday!!!!!!

    Those were some weird throws. It seems like Duke was watching for the stop route/back shoulder throw on the sidelines.
  10. Uniforms week 6 #GTvsDUKE

    I wasn't able to watch the game. Was Jamious able to get in the game Saturday?
  11. Uniforms week 6 #GTvsDUKE

    Saw a tweet from Tyron Griffin that made it sound like Jamious may have been injured and is returning this week. Just my interpretation though.
  12. Uniforms week 6 #GTvsDUKE

    I mean, we've rotated 3 pretty consistently. They hold them all in high regard, and Griffin has been rotated in during games in the past seemingly more than he has this year. Edit: He's averaged 1 carry per game this year. Last year he averaged about 4.5 per game. I'm mostly just curious since...
  13. Uniforms week 6 #GTvsDUKE

    Seems like it, though that's not always the case. On the other hand, our other #6 is Jamious Griffin, and for the other videos, we've had 2 guys with that game week's number in the reveal. Griffin has played very little this year. I wonder if there's anything going on with that.
  14. GT vs Pittsburgh Final Stats/Participation Report

    If I remember right, CGC singled out Ezzard as the most valuable juice crew guy either last year or in 2019. He mentioned more than a few times how Ezzard would keep CGC encouraged during games and was very involved despite not playing much. Wonder what happened there.
  15. Tech favored over Duke

    I think the Pitt experience (and the NIU game) are the outliers here. Against Pitt, we had 2 unlucky (probably avoidable, but not direct mistakes) picks that got us 2 scores down in the first quarter. We played the whole game without our starting guards at full health and without our top...