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  1. MEMORIES...(first game)

    Joe Auer returned the opening kickoff for the first regular season game for a touchdown against the Raiders as a Miami Dolphin in 1966.
  2. MEMORIES...(first game)

    1962 Tech vs LSU. Stovall ran the 2nd half kickoff all the way back for a touchdown.LSU won 10 - 7
  3. Black Watch Replica Leak

    Black Watch should be earned not given.After the last 2 weeks this looks dumb.
  4. Clemson Post-game Thread

    Thanks for planting that seed. What a fan
  5. Defense is now totally optional.

    Despite all our problems on D it was good to see GT only allowed Louisville to put up 6 on the scoreboard in the 2nd half.Having to play Clemson on the schedule next is a tough break but we don’t get to choose who to play each week.I appreciate the turnovers the D created to put us in position...
  6. Vintage GT Hat

    I have one just like it , bought down around the Tech Tunnel in late 70’s.
  7. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    ND beat Tech in 2015 30 to 22 in SouthBend
  8. COFH...Its Hate Week!!

    I hate ugag with a passion.It does me good to hate them.
  9. Uni combo

    Ugly as all get out!
  10. To all the Vets

    Semper fi
  11. Is college football near the end as we know it.

    Of course they will and it will hurt Tech imo
  12. Gold Uniforms are here!

    Way to go Tech and Adidas!
  13. helmet decals

    No thanks.Would much rather have a W each week for the players