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  1. Summer League thread
  2. 2022-2023 Roster

    No Sam no Cort next year
  3. 2022-2023 Roster

    I will put this here as it importantly relates to the 22/23 roster
  4. 2022-2023 Roster

    Phi phi
  5. 2022-2023 Roster

    Correct Nuke Medich is moving on. Looks like four pick ups in the portal. Two pitchers a catcher and a first baseman. Compton Reid DeLeo Jackson Geisler and Rubinstein return. Hopefully the returning young pitchers and position players take the next step in their development. Hopefully the...
  6. 2022-2023 Roster

    Medich has no more eligibility. Rubenstein and Mannely will both return. Bartnicki has a year left not sure whether he is coming back. And we picked up an extremely solid proven first baseman from Wofford. His numbers over the years at Wofford are very good. Also, the junior college pick up of...
  7. Class of 2023
  8. Summer League thread

    DeLeo earns Cape League honor
  9. 2022 MLB Draft

    Thought he would take a step forward and be the Friday night starter. This is a loss no doubt but obviously money wasn’t the motivator here. Just my opinion, but i think the desire to “get started” and some developmental regression were also part of the decision making process. Nonetheless...
  10. 2022 MLB Draft

    125k mlb draft 2022 Spot trac
  11. 2022 MLB Draft

    Marquis 125k