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  1. Charleston Southern, 7 PM, ACC Network (and McCamish!)

    Thank you for the recap and evaluation of the Jackets in playing with Charleston Southern. Any one has more information on Tristan Maxwell? He broke his right foot and did not play much last year but seems he has not played much or at all this year. The last game should be a coming out party but...
  2. Fire Geoff Collins

    Are you kidding me? When would Tech needs a much weaker brand to "rebrand" us to become a winner?
  3. Fire Geoff Collins

    Interesting to find Jim Mora is replacing the former Tech DC Randy Edsall at U Conn with a salary of $1.2 million and incentive of just 200,000 in second year. Tech paid Geoff Collins of $2,883,115 or 56th among FBS coach, U. Conn. only offers around $1.2 million but a former UCLA coach with...
  4. Wright and Alvarado Pre-Draft Activities

    Under the worst case scenario, Jose is targeted by Houston Rockets as one of the three UDFAs. Hope his defense is the ‘Gold Card’ to a long and rewarding NBA career.
  5. 2020-2021 NBA Season Talk

    Sorry to hijack the topic and switch to the NBA hustle award for the former Jacket : Thaddeus Young
  6. 9.5 favorite over Wake

    Usher is playing with more control and contributed the team high 8 boards, 4 assists and one total point. He shot much better vs UNC though. Glad to see Didenko play. Believe it is the long anticipated first game for this international mystery man played in Tech uniform. Just keep winning, get...
  7. They go to Sheetz; we go to Nachos

    I have red bean ice cream in the Far East 😋
  8. Film Room - GT at NC St8

    Love GT Bob as a national treasure as we live thousands of miles from campus. His YouTube channel is our only source to connect with Tech athletics.