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    Pitt is favored

    He has better wheels than Ryan
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    Pitt is favored

    Hope the Falcons Draft KP! He reminds me of Matt Ryan slicing John Tenutas D up.
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    Let's win this mofo!
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    Keys to stay competitive in game vs Clemson

    Hire ugags defense for the day?
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    ACC Tournament 2021

    I must be Nostradamus because I told my buddy before the game started we'd lose since we swept them regular season 😏
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    Jahmyr Gibbs, Quez Jackson named to preseason All-ACC team

    Is Attauchu the last Jacket to be named all ACC on the dline? I'm ready for someone to make first or even second team again.
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    Official: BDS at 100% capacity in 2021

    Sadly, I thought the same thing. 30-35k of it being red 😏
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    Jamie Foxx at GT

    I just know him as Wanda from living color! 🤣
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    Spring game thoughts

    I bet North Carolina won't play tiddlywinks tomorrow.
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    Spring game thoughts

    It was nice to see but would've liked a little more intensity and actual tackling like I saw in the FSU spring game.
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    Jalen Camp

    I just checked it out on FB
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    Thank you 2020-2021 Georgia Tech Men's Basketball, your ACC Champion!

    I agree had we had Moses to draw the defense inside to get the ball back out for more open shots. They guarded what we had very tightly making moving the ball around difficult.
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    Thank you 2020-2021 Georgia Tech Men's Basketball, your ACC Champion!

    How is that Loyola coach not somewhere else? Defense was incredible!
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    whos the better dunker

    My ugag friend even talks about Ish dunking.
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    Your First GT QB

    First game I remember was the 1985 game against Tennessee. Started really following Tech during Shawn Jones era.