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    Game 9 #GTvsNCSU Predictions

    Their hand cheer is just a wrestling rip off
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    NCAA Allows Players to Get Paid This article gives a lot of info and talks to agents, recruits, and coaches. Ibeeballin is right, it's great to be ahead of this one. They...
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    GT Custom Belt?

    They also get used for players of the game, practice competitions, and photo shoots.
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    GT Custom Belt?

    Thank you for the follow up. He didn't approach me about it, so I'd have to see if he wanted to do the twitter legwork here. I only asked him if it was okay to mention his name here to gauge interest.
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    GT Custom Belt?

    Hey everyone, not sure if this has been discussed here before, and I'm sure it'll ruffle a few feathers. A co-worker of mine runs a wrestling belt business on the side and has done work for the New York Yankees, Auburn, UCF, WWE, 2K Video Games, and various other private organizations. Would...
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    Virginia Tech Postgame

    This right here. It seems that once they changed up quarterbacks they have been on fire. I don't understand why no one seems to be acknowledging that this VT team seems to be surging.
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    YouTube Processing - Ticket Fire Sale

    There are a staggering amount of videos on his YouTube page. Thankless work I'm sure, but I sent a few bucks as well.
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    Brandon Adams Passes Away

    Rest in peace young man.
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    Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    He's always recruiting - he just blew away the negative recruiting angle used against us for the past 11 years in one press conference.
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    Update on GT FB Recruiting Initiative

    This a great way for sidewalk fans to contribute. I didn't stick around to get a degree here so I've missed out on donation drives and can't attend games, but I'll always be a fan. Great idea! However, perhaps PayPal should be added as a payment option going forward.
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    Sidewalk Fans

    Up here in the Nor'east, GT was only really a name because of Lethal Weapon 3 and Bobby Cremins. They drew some sidewalk fans and are the reason why I read the flyer when college application time drew near. As such, it saddens me that sports aren't seemingly seen as more of an opportunity to...
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    How I became a GT basketball fan

    I only really watched college bball during the tourney in the 90's and enjoyed the powerhouse ACC teams. Always hated Duke though! I got a brochure in the mail from GT when college scouting time came about and realized the academics were on par with other top flight tech schools but also would...
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    Tech vs Clemson, it's actually very easy to explain

    At least we have a higher ranking in U.S. News and World Report's national rankings: #34 versus their #67.