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  1. First Year Coaching Grades

    If I told y'all how those quotes were generated, it would blow y'all's mind.
  2. Thank you, Paul

    He'll be Illinois' coach in two seasons.
  3. Former Georgia Tech Coaches and Landing Spots

    Just stop. It's obvious you have know idea what you're talking about. Even conventional offenses don't expect their OL to pass block consistently for more than three seconds. Here's a link if you don't believe me. Most of the criticism I've seen from Tech fans about our OL usually fall into...
  4. Collins - Expectations and time to get things right?

    Even Bill Lewis won five games each of his first two seasons, in a time where teams played fewer cupcakes and fewer games. So, that's the floor. If Collins can't do much better than Bill Lewis with an extra cupcake game on the schedule that Lewis didn't get, then I'm not sure why he's here.
  5. Paul Johnson time frame.

    Paul probably conflated the years and the coaches, but I've been to UGA-GS games in 2000, 2004, 2012, and 2015 and it's happened in every game. It was Jim Donnan that did it in 2000 when Paul was coach, but UGA definitely surrounded the Georgia Southern players during pregame. It also happened...
  6. CPJ was on 92.9 this morning

    It's in the playbook and we've run it before, but we usually run midline blast or fold, which as you note, are double option.
  7. 2018 ACC Football Kickoff

    Clemson has undergrad enrollment that is 20 percent higher than Georgia Tech.
  8. Adam Gotsis arrested

    Don't get an attitude. You're the one that said "out of court settlement," which implies a civil case. Criminal cases have plea bargains, not settlements. That's where all the confusion came from.
  9. ESPN Interview with CPJ

    It wasn't career ending. He was told he'd be able to compete for the starting job in 2018 but unless something significant changed, Marshall was the guy and Johnson would be in the mix. Jordan then quit. I'm sick of Jordan's amen corner constantly trashing Marshall on here when anybody close...
  10. ESPN Interview with CPJ

    Yeah, the guy was such a leader he decided to quit rather than man up and compete for the job.
  11. ESPN Interview with CPJ

    Yes our QBs can audible to a pass, if the defense is giving it to us. The example that immediately comes to mind is in the 2016 Georgia Southern game. Southern put eight men in the box and showed A gap blitzes by both LBs. Justin Thomas saw it and made the easy check to a four verticles pass...
  12. Adam Gotsis arrested

    Adam Gotsis had a warrant for his arrest for an alleged rape. He turned himself in, was processed at the jail, had bond set at $50,000, posted the bail amount, and was released from jail. The district attorney's office now has the case and is in the process of drafting an indictment which will...
  13. Interesting stat

    There's never been one instance where Johnson said he had to dumb down the offense because the players couldn't understand it. There was some talk of not fully installing the offense his first season, but ever since 2008 his entire offense has been fully installed and run. He emphasizes certain...
  14. Next DC

    Not really. His career trajectory is similar to good DCs like Don Brown, Pete Kwiatkowski, and Dave Aranda, all of whom coached in non-P5 jobs for years before getting their shot.
  15. Mid season questions answered... where to from here

    It is, but it also is a reflection of our explosiveness being down this year. We're not hitting the big pass and running plays like we've done in the past, but our running game is consistently strong. We got great down field blocking on our big runs last week that sprung long scoring plays, so...