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    Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    Hell of game. Proud of these guys!
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    Who’s not coming back for their Sr season?

    Totally disagree. Young Swilling is a very good corner, but not great. He’s the best we have especially compared to the other corners. I’m not at all impressed with Walton and Sims.
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    "...Set the Clock to 13 Seconds and RESTART AT READY FOR PLAY."

    #1, use our last timeout instead of running 10 seconds off the clock #2, use the timeout to call the next 3 PASS plays and field goal on down 4 if needed #3, any well coached team should be able to run 3 pass plays to the end zone in 25 seconds and still have time to kick the field goal if...
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    My thoughts! YOU NEED TO READ!

    Take it easy gents! This is a clear case of Talent vs. Scheme. While I am as disappointed as everyone else with the outcome, this was the exact reason why CPJ ran the TO. It is the ultimate equalizer. We just got Johnson’d. It is also a clear sign our talent is not yet able to over come a...
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    Bradley’s latest

    Typical Bradley story just trying to get a reaction from the fan base. On one hand he is correct by stating CPJ did not get the results he expected over the last 3 years with this roster, so we should be worried (we already know this). On the other hand, he totally leaves out the upside to CGC...
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    Spring Practice

    What makes that a non-call for the screen is the receiver out wide stopped and turned to look for the ball at the last second. If he does not look for the ball, then he would have been considered blocking and a flag should have been thrown. That’s just solid coaching from Clemson.
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    Spring Practice

    Love that clip. Fingers crossed LJ stays healthy because from the outside looking in, he looks to be performing and we all know from past Spring games that he has wheels. Camp looks like a beast.
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    680 another uga booster

    Steak is all about the party scene and ugag provides him an outlet. We won’t get much positive press until we start beating the mutts consistently. Only good publicity we might get soon is with Chernoff. He is a Tech fan deep down, but we all know his beef with CPJ. If CGC has the right...
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    404 Day Numbers

    Reggie Bush rep’d the 619 area code on his eye black while he was at USC. Kids love this kinda of stuff. Heck, I haven’t lived in GA for 7 years now, but I kept my 404 cell number.
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    404 Day Numbers

    Just made my donation and I think this is a cool tradition to start. Looking forward to rocking the 404 hat.
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    Ye olde coachinge debates

    First off, I have always been a big supporter of CPJ and mostly enjoyed his 08-16 teams. However, I could definitely see the decline in the program over the last two years and I would credit it all to CPJ himself. His failures to hire a top notch DC, recruit and develop more talented QB’s and...
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    Tech v duh U postgame!

    I was at GSU when CPJ was there, and I’m pretty sure my degree includes University after Georgia Southern. Just saying.
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    Nate Woody

    Considering half the D is made up of Fr and So’s, I’m very encouraged by the progress being made. I’m already looking forward to next year!
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    Talent Questions

    While I don’t like to admit it, I’ll agree the talent level on the D line is the weakest I’ve ever seen. However, I’m very impressed with the last 2 classes of recruits and their athleticism, so I’m hoping we can turn it around. What I don’t agree with is some of you taking shots at the entire...
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    Taquan Marshall

    For the love of Buzz, could we please see some bootlegs this year. I have never understood why we don’t utilize the bootleg more. It at least looks like we are running the option and holds the linebackers for a second or two longer. I think TM is perfect for the BL and at least he has the run...