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  1. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    I'm talking about the spike today. It was odd, but had no effect.
  2. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Not really. It wasn't a smart play, but it was first down and we scored anyway. Didn't make any difference in the game.
  3. Gameday!!

    Did he show you his tits?
  4. Bobby Dodd Policies for 2020

    Good to see we included some options for when UNC and UVA visit. We're good hosts.
  5. ATL week 2

    Is that any different than a normal depth chart where you don't want to disclose temporary injuries or where someone not on the depth chart has to play due to injuries?
  6. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    I was taking the totality of your posts so maybe your opinion has changed a little bit. But when Collins was first hired you were so negative about how it was the end of GT football, etc.
  7. Election Day

    Is it like the privilege to bear arms? It's not guaranteed to all citizens either.
  8. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    The post you want people to find has nothing to do with what was quoted. You can literally look up the board a few posts and find someone lamenting that CGC might be getting resources that CPJ didn't and he would rather see what CPJ could have done with those resources than the coach he is...
  9. GT 7.5 Home Dog to UCF

    It should be easy to do. Hopefully the people buying a beer to nurse the whole game because 'wearing a mask in Septermber is so hard' are at a minimum.
  10. Roll Call (and tailgating?) for Saturday

    I believe the student center is currently a pile of rubble.
  11. Week 2 Media #UCFvsGT

    They've been doing Dasani all year.
  12. Collins on Packer & Durham - Mon, Sept 14

    I thought the same. Almost like Collins couldn't hear the last couple of questions.
  13. ? On tickets sales

    That's my favorite Epstein quote as well.
  14. Roll Call (and tailgating?) for Saturday

    'No tailgating on campus, but we have beer now so come to the stadium 2 hours early and tailgate.'
  15. Salute to the Coaches.

    Every coach says stuff like that to some extent. It's not too far removed from 'we made a lot of the wrong reads'.