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    Roll call for Motown Throw down

    Flying in Christmas day, staying at the Casino and sitting wherever the players' tickets end up.
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    Old Tech memorabilia

    Just look at my icon. That is a shield I bought in the early '60s at Muse's on Peachtree Street. How would I know over 50 years ago that eventually my grandson would play and graduate from GT?
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    NFL fantasy football

    Works for me. Going to the grocery store now.
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    NFL fantasy football

    Just let me know where...ESPN ? league, password, etc
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    NFL fantasy football

    I'll play in either a brag or cash league
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    Ga Tech Lubricant Thread

    JD Tennessee Honey...for a sweet victory
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    Pre-season FB team activities

    Tre' is on the front row, right end...with the tat on the shoulder/arm
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    MJ Hanging up the cleats

    Matthew came in early with my grandson and they have enjoyed a good friendship. He is a class guy from a great family. Hope to see the Jordans one more time and wish them all the best.
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    Post Camp thoughts

    Seems the depth charts have been set, just not made public.
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    Dedrick Mills dismissed...

    Enough of the bashing and speculating. Time to move on with the next man up. Football is a team game and there are 17 days till toe meets leather. I totally trust CPJ and his staff will have an excellent game plan and take it to the Vols.
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    Scrimmage update

    , [email protected], I was at the scrimmage but had to get back to Macon to watch Tre's brother in the scrimmage at U. Hope to see you this fall.
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    When does the off-season officially end?

    Players report for camp this afternoon so the off-season is over.
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    Leonard's Losers...

    Always made sure I had the radio dialed in to catch this insightful program each week.
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    Brings back a memory...

    Wally Butts of Milledgeville and football coach down on the farm the middle of the last century, was cited in a "Home Grown" salute in today's Macon Telegraph. I have learned that the Telegraph is referred to as the mid-GA edition of the Red and Black, but I diverse. Seeing this, however...
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    So who started all that throwing anyway?

    Just some numbers to bore you with...Hal Mumme (with Mike Leach as OC) had two QBs during his five years of the "Air Raid" offense at Valdosta State. Chris Hatcher ('91`-94) completed 1,047 passes in 1,529 attempts for 11,363 yards and 121 TDs. Lance Funderburke was 731 of 1,127 fpr 8,192...