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  1. Coronavirus Thread

    Not sure why you think there is any hypocrisy involved in how these situations are handled:'
  2. Mark Price among greatest NBA Shooters

    If he had a teammate like MJ to draw defenses he might have topped Kerr.
  3. Coronavirus Thread

    LOL, throw water on the motives of the founders. Surprised you feel compelled to abide by them since they were trying to hornswaggle a nation of superstitious rubes. We'd hate for ttp to be caught identifying with that unsophisticated mob. And don't worry, Nate Silver can be borrowed from at...
  4. Good GT Basketball before Cremins

    Roger Kaiser was the best player Whack Hyder had before Yunkus (maybe even including him). Kaiser was a First Team All-American in 1961 and along with Dave Denton led Tech to their first NCAA tournament berth in 1960. That was before I was old enough to follow sports but my father talked about...
  5. Coronavirus Thread

    Just out of curiosity, do you think church gatherings should be banned temporarily, or do you think govt should go ahead and just ban churches? If the answer to that was church gatherings, why do you think businesses can be exempt as long as they follow safety protocols but not houses of worship?
  6. Economic Fallout Thread

    In 2005 our debt was 35% of GNP, this year it will be 101% with an upwward trajectory. Yet we still have folks calling for massive (read: unlimited) federal expenditures. Most of them are probably of an age where they can safely say "I got mine", good luck to the kids.
  7. Economic Fallout Thread

    Government was spending money like drunken sailors before the national emergency, that is why exponentially increasing spending is a problem. Pox on all their houses.
  8. Coronavirus Thread

    Looking forward to your data to support this assertion. It's amazing that you never get tired of posting the same damn thing. Orange man bad, a fifth grader would have done better, I have a paycheck so damn those people who don't, etc.
  9. Coronavirus Thread

    The people who prefer that approach are the ones who aren't suffering financial loss and economic devastation. If you have $$$ still coming in then things are tolerable. Others are nearing despair and we are certain to have other medical consequences from the financial damage done to those who...
  10. Coronavirus Thread

    Since you want to double down on your ignorant comment F off, F off Some statistics for you: AL, AR, and MS. Combined population $11M, Coronavirus cases: 6,244; deaths: 175 NY population $20M...
  11. Coronavirus Thread

    F off
  12. Basketball stats

    Not sure exactly what you are asking. I doubt any GT players will rank very high on all-time NCAA stats. If you want to see the listings of GT players stats for school records etc. go to Go to the basketball section and you can download a pdf version of the media guide and get...
  13. NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Are you saying he had the virus or that he was stressed over the potential to get it and the disruptions it is causing in all our lives?
  14. General Investing Discussion

    You keep assuming all $$$ are spent immediately in your deficit estimates. Likely not true, especially for the reasons you state and others. Also, the government fiscal year ends 9/30 so we're halfway through already. It is still obscene spending as we assess a "wartime" footing for economic...
  15. Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    $$$ and Strippers still an effective strategy